Godzilla in Hell #3

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Godzilla in Hell
Issue #2
Issue #3
Issue #4
Godzilla in Hell #3
Cover A of issue #3 by Buster Moody
Story by Ulises Farinas and Erik Frietas
Written by Ulises Farinas and Erik Frietas
Art by Buster Moody
Colors by Buster Moody and Ludwig Laguna
Letters by Chris Mowry
Edits by Bobby Curnow
Sales 12,332[1]
Godzilla in Hell

Godzilla in Hell #3 is a comic book from IDW Publishing. It was released on September 23rd, 2015.


What brought Godzilla to Hell? A glimpse of Godzilla’s greatest battle gives clues — but what will happen when Godzilla faces a rematch with that same foe in the underworld?


The issue starts off with the world in ruins while Godzilla and SpaceGodzilla are seen fighting in Rio de Janeiro, where the flaming wreckage of MOGUERA and the remains of Kiryu's arm are also located. SpaceGodzilla blasts his Corona Beam at Godzilla at full intensity, causing Godzilla to be consumed in flame. Godzilla withstands the attack, approaches SpaceGodzilla and fires his atomic breath at point blank range, knocking SpaceGodzilla down. After roaring in victory, Godzilla fires his atomic breath directly at his downed foe, but SpaceGodzilla fires his Corona Beam at Godzilla's atomic breath, causing them both to lock and explode, destroying the entire Earth and killing both kaiju. Godzilla then wakes up in Purgatory, where he sees angels with Mothra's wings, along with God, who takes the form of a multi-eyed mountain with the body parts of several different monsters on it. The angels and God try to persuade Godzilla to join Heaven's army, but Godzilla is not interested in the slightest. After crushing an angel in between his hands, Godzilla is thrown into Hell, where he lands in an icy cavern. There, he is confronted by a swarm of demons and a demonically-enhanced SpaceGodzilla. SpaceGodzilla tackles Godzilla and holds him in place so the demons can go down Godzilla's throat and consume his heart in order to make him a permanent servant of Hell. Luckily, the angels arrive and help Godzilla defeat SpaceGodzilla by giving him a powerful force field. After SpaceGodzilla's death, the angels try to persuade Godzilla to join them again, but Godzilla is still not interested and responds by sealing the entrance to Heaven with his atomic breath. The angels and demons then begin worshiping Godzilla, which yet again does not interest him. Godzilla even eats some of the angels and demons before continuing on his way.



Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • Angels
  • Demons


  • God


  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Purgatory
  • Hell






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