Godzilla Rivals: Mothra Vs. Titanosaurus

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Godzilla Rivals: Mothra Vs. Titanosaurus
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Godzilla Rivals: Mothra Vs. Titanosaurus
Cover A of Godzilla Rivals: Mothra vs. Titanosaurus by Feriowind
Written by Blue Delliquanti
Art by Feriowind
Cover by
  • Feriowind (CVR A)
  • Sophie Campbell (CVR B)
  • G. Romero-Johnson (CVR RI)
Letters by Nathan Widick
Edits by
  • David Mariotte
  • Jazmine Joyner
  • Tom Waltz (supervising)
Godzilla Rivals

Godzilla Rivals: Mothra Vs. Titanosaurus is the seventh installment of the IDW Publishing one-shot comic series Godzilla Rivals. It was published on March 8, 2023.[1]


A Mothra cocoon has washed ashore near a big city, and a team of kaiju specialists has been deployed to study it. The team of scientists has discovered that the kaiju of the world may have a way of telepathically communicating with each other as a way to mark their individual stomping grounds, and have brought along an experimental device that they hope will detect this field of telepathic energy so that they can tune it to Mothra's frequency and chart its migration patterns in the future. When they activate the device, however, they are shocked to discover that there are two sources of these telepathic waves-the cocoon and a kaiju beneath the ocean, Titanosaurus. Detecting an intruder on its turf, Titanosaurus surfaces and closes in on the cocoon, leveling anything in its way. The scientists scramble to transport the cocoon out of range in the hopes that it will pacify Titanosaurus and keep the cocoon from hatching early.[1]


In 2023, Drs. Andreas Luna and Ruobin Carpenter investigate a Mothra egg which has washed ashore near a California golf course. Master Chief Irene Catocala arrives and reprimands them for ignoring the military's cordon around the egg. She is surprised that they were able to identify the kaiju that laid the egg so quickly, but they explain that they have extensive familiarity with her, and this seems to confirm Carpenter's theory that she cyclically visits the West Coast. He adds that since the area is so exposed, she likely laid the egg somewhere else and it was brought to the beach by a storm. Luna wants to use the egg to test their theory that kaiju, like many other animals, can detect the Earth's magnetic field through magnetoreception. Furthermore, they believe that kaiju are large enough to generate their own magnetic fields, which they use to avoid each other's territories. Using a special headset, Luna confirms the existence of the field, which he estimates to be 25 to 30 kilometers in radius, but is suddenly overwhelmed by its collision with a second field. The culprit, Titanosaurus, surfaces nearby, shrugging off fire from a destroyer and embarking on a rampage through San Diego. Luna quickly concludes that the monster is targeting the egg, their overlapping fields making its presence intolerable. With a kaiju on the warpath, however, Catocala refuses to divert an aircraft carrier to move the egg, and orders the scientists removed from the area.

With their equipment and phones confiscated, Carpenter despairs that they have no way to know when Titanosaurus will reach the egg, but Luna realizes that if the egg floated to its present location, it could be floated away as well. Luna reveals he filched the keys to a golf cart, which they use to reach San Diego. As fighter jets fruitlessly rain down missiles on Titanosaurus, they rally together two boat crews and a group of citizens gathered at a library. Luna's group easily overruns the military cordon and helps push the egg into the sea, where Carpenter has coordinated the two boats to tow it. As they haul it into the water, Carpenter pulls Luna aboard the speedboat. Catocala quickly intercepts them with the aircraft carrier USS James Bradley, but offers the headset to Luna to continue his demonstration. Helicopters deposit the egg on the deck of the carrier via net, and a pained Luna reports that Titanosaurus is in pursuit. As the egg begins to stir, anticipating a fight, Catocala receives permission from Mexico to unload it in the southern Coronado Islands. Titanosaurus reaches the ship before then, only to be intercepted and grappled by the adult Mothra. He knocks her back with a swing of his tail, but she retaliates by firing antennae beams at his neck, forcing him to withdraw.

Military trucks haul the egg ashore, and Mothra descends to rest on it. As it begins to hatch, the humans depart. Luna and Carpenter reflect on how their device saved lives, although Catocala is concerned by the strain it placed on Luna. Resting his head on his shoulder, Luna assures him that he was able to shoulder the burden because he wasn't alone.




  • Dr. Andreas Luna
  • Dr. Ruobin Carpenter
  • Master Chief Irene Catocala

Weapons and vehicles





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