Todd Hopkins

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Todd Hopkins
Todd Hopkins in Godzilla Rivals: vs. Hedorah
Species Human
Nationality American
Related to Suzii Hopkins (sister)
First appearance Godzilla Rivals vs. Hedorah

Todd Hopkins is a protagonist in IDW Publishing's 2021 comic series Godzilla Rivals in its premiere issue Godzilla Rivals: Vs. Hedorah. He demonstrated an unwavering loyalty to preserving himself and his sister's lives in the face of catastrophic danger, and was willing to lie and sacrifice others to do it.


Godzilla Rivals

Godzilla Rivals: Vs. Hedorah

During an attack on New York City by Godzilla and Hedorah, Todd rushed to the Kaiju Defense Research Center to collect his sister Suzii who worked there as a lab assistant. Suzii was the only survivor of the attack, but suffered a bad wound to the stomach. Todd commandeered an ambulance and began rushing her to the overcrowded Mercy Hospital, claiming that she was Dr. Kovats, a scientist at the research center, who was the only one capable of repelling the monsters.. Suzii overheard and tried to protest this just in time to keep Todd from crashing into Godzilla's foot. They soon crashed into Hedorah's eyeball which Godzilla had recently scooped out and flung aside. Todd grabbed her unconscious body and narrowly escaped the corrosive muck and carried her into the subway tunnels. There he met an officer Burr, who was directing survivors to shelters, but he joined the Hopkinses on hearing Todd's lie, and guided them toward the hospital. Just before reaching the surface, Burr was crushed by falling debris and insisted that "Dr. Kovats" was too important and to go on without him. Todd was already up the stairs. They arrived at the hospital and Todd conned her way into imedeate treatment before falling asleep in a chair near her bed. Unfortunately, the doctor looked into Kovats' history and discovered that she had achieved her doctorate in the 1940s and would be well older than Suzii. Furthermore he produced a photo of Todd and Suzii together from Todd's jacket. Hopkins came clean, and was being taken away by security before Suzii grabbed the security guard's gun and used it to get them out. They made their way on foot to the site of the research center, and she berated Todd for his carelessness in pursuit of her safety over that of others.

They arrived at an immense radar dish in a crater left by the battling kaiju, where she explained that by reconnecting a cable on the ground, the dish would activate and send out a special radioactive signal to repel the monsters, with the caveat that it would kill anyone in close range. Todd considered their only choice to be running away, but Suzii refused. He became angry that she would just give up her life after all he had done to save it, at which point she guiltily pushed him into the crater. He shouted at her from the bottom, and she explained that she would not have survived the drop, and would not have been strong enough to pick up the cable. He considered refusing to connect the cables out of spite, and she informed him that it was his choice now. He powered up the machine and it drove the monsters away before he climbed out of the hole to reunite with his sister, convinced that she had known he might survive if Hedorah absorbed the radiation. He quickly learned that she had not. The siblings then watched the sun set over the departing monsters, having together saved the world.



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