Kozasa Hanabusa

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Kozasa Hanabusa
Kozasa in Daimajin
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Princess
Related to Tadafumi Hanabusa (brother)
Lord Hanabusa (father)
First appearance Daimajin
Played by Miwa Takada (adult)
Masako Morishita (child)

Kozasa Hanabusa was the main protagonist in the 1966 Daiei film Daimajin.


Showa Era


Although she was a Princess, Kozasa spent less than eight years of her life in her family's castle. One night in her youth, the vassal Kogenta took Kozasa and her brother Tadafumi away from the castle after their father was murdered. Kogenta took them to his aunt's house for a short time to hide from the search parties out to kill the last remaining Hanabusas. She led the three refugees to Majin's Mountain near a stone image of their god Arakatsuma. She then showed them a secret cave with carvings on the walls that was rumored to have once been their god's home.

Ten years later, Kogenta went into town and did not return, which prompted Tadafumi to go after him. Kozasa then waited for them to return until a boy named Take rushed into the cave and mistook her for a god. After clarifying that she was not, Take told her of the injustices happening to the people in the town under the rule of Lord Samanosuke, who had killed her father, and planned to kill Take's father, Tadafumi, and Kogenta. He then told her that he had come to pray to the image of Arakatsuma to save his father's life. The two then attempted to awaken the Daimajin, but were captured by a party of Samanosuke's men who had come to destroy it. After thy drove a chisel into its head and discovered that it bled, the ground around the statue opened and swallowed the attackers. Kozasa, after several failed attempts, tried to awaken Arakatsuma by taking her own life, but was prevented from doing so by Take. Moved to tears over her inability to help her brother and the innocent people, she wept on the statue, which then awakened and traveled to town. When Kozasa arrived, its rampage was in full swing, and it impaled Samanosuke on the chisel embedded in his helmet. When she saw that the Daimajin was fully prepared to continue inflicting its wrath upon the people even tough he had slain his prey, Kozasa again offered her life to the spirit, and wept on its boot, which caused it to return to statue form and fly away from its stone body.



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