Tadafumi Hanabusa

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Tadafumi Hanabusa
Tadafumi in Daimajin
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Samurai
Related to Kozasa Hanabusa (sister),
Lord Hanabusa (father)
First appearance Daimajin
Played by Yoshihiko Aoyama (adult),
Hideki Ninomiya (child)

Tadafumi Hanabusa was a main protagonist in the 1966 Daiei film Daimajin.


Showa era


Tadafumi lived the first eight years of his life as the son of a samurai, but one night he was taken along with his sister by the vassal Kogenta to the Priestess Shinobu's house to hide from Lord Samanosuke, who had killed Lord Hanabusa, and sought to kill Tadafumi. After the search party had passed over the house, the Priestess brought the refugees to a secret cave on Majin's mountain near a statue of the god Arakatsuma, which the god was rumored to have once inhabited.

After ten years of peaceful life on the mountain, Koegnta went into town, but did not return. Fearing for his friend's life, Tadafumi left his sister at home and went to rescue him. He quickly found Kogenta dangling from his ankles from a construction scaffold. Tadafumi rescued Kogenta, but was quickly captured and sentenced to execution at dawn. While on the execution scaffold, the Daimajin Arakatsuma came and threw him aside. neither Tadafumi nor Kogenta were injured, but the Daimajin continued its rampage through the town. Despite Tadafumi's best efforts, he could not stop the monster, but when his did, he witnessed the Daimajin return to statue form before it crumbled to dust and the Daimajin spirit flew away.



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