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Kogenta in Godzilla Color Special
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Affiliation G-Force (formerly)
Occupation Independent researcher
First appearance Godzilla Color Special
Not to be confused with Kogenta Sarumaru.

Kogenta is a major character in the 1992 Dark Horse comic book Godzilla Color Special.


Godzilla Color Special

After quitting G-Force, Kogenta moved to the island of Kiryoku-shima, which had abandoned modern technology after World War II, in order to research their medieval way of life. Some time into his tenure, on a particularly stormy day, the G-Force team landed on the island to inform the people that Godzilla was coming. They brought their message to the meeting hall and intended to commence preparations for evacuation, but the island's high priestess Ookii'Mune refused to comply and insisted that the island was protected. As Godzilla approached, Ookii'Mune lead the villagers to the sacred shrine of Gekido-jin, which Kogenta had heard of from accounts by soldiers in World War II, but had never seen, as outsiders were not allowed to see it. She explained that the statue was inhabited by an evil oni (demon) who had tormented the island generations ago, and the spirit of a monk who had sacrificed himself to battle the oni inside the statue for eternity to keep the statue dormant. Ookii'Mune had resolved to sacrifice herself to relieve the monk and allow the oni to control Gekido-jin long enough to fight off Godzilla, but before she could complete her task, she was knocked unconscious by flying rocks kicked up by Godzilla. Kogenta then took up the task, having been moved by Ookii'Mune's faith in Gekido-jin, and while praying did not hear G-Force shouting for him to get out of the way. He and the statue of Gekido-jin were flattened by Godzilla, but Kogenta was successful and fought Godzilla off the island, where he took up the eternal battle with the oni, and Gekido-jin reformed as a statue at the bottom of the ocean.



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