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Zeus in Godzilla: Rage Across Time
Species Olympian
Relations Olympians (immediate family)
Allies Olympians, Hydra
Enemies Godzilla
First appearance Godzilla: Rage Across Time #2

Zeus is the god of thunder and sky in ancient Greek religion. He appears in IDW Publishing's 2016 Godzilla comic Godzilla: Rage Across Time #2.


Zeus is a muscular humanoid with long white hair and a beard. He wears a golden laurel around his head, golden armbands on each wrist, and a short robe around his waist.


Godzilla: Rage Across Time #2

After a war broke out unbeknownst to Zeus and the Olympians, an unknown entity destroyed both armies, causing Hermes, the messenger god to inform Zeus of the crisis and to help plan a course of action. Zeus however, did not care that the mortals were gone, and in fact resented them for their turning away from the gods and stopping their prayers and sacrifices. His children Ares and Aphrodite then suggested ways Zeus could regain the mortal's respect, with Ares suggesting he create tragedy, and Aphrodite suggesting that he give the mortals bountiful benefits to inspire them to give thanks. Zeus ignored them while his brother Poseidon went to investigate the attack on the mortal warships. While he was gone, Zeus's wife Hera tried to persuade Zeus to begin caring about the mortals again before disaster struck them, when they looked below them and saw that the city surrounding their home atop Mount Olympus had been flooded, and the monster Godzilla, whom Zeus identified as "his Devil" was swimming toward the mountain. Knowing that his brother was dead, Zeus summoned the Hydra to defend his home. Godzilla quickly defeated the Hydra by driving it into Mount Olympus, the impact of which brought the mountain down on top of it, killing it and every Olympian except for Zeus. Brimming with rage, Zeus summoned an enormous bolt of lightning that sealed away Godzilla, leveled the ruins of the city, and drained Zeus of his godly power and muscle mass. Zeus then went on to carve out a life in the Roman Empire in the city of Pompeii where he began to try to learn to empathize with the mortals to better himself before returning to godhood and began to record the tale of his fall. Just as he finished an illustration of the monster that brought his reign to an end, Mount Vesuvius erupted and Godzilla emerged from it in a blast of atomic fire, killing Zeus and preserving him in a position of utter terror and disbelief for thousands of years.


Lightning manipulation

Zeus has the ability to send lightning down from the sky at will, or summon lightning in his hands. When he is angered, lightning also begins to appear in his eyes.


Despite being a god, Zeus was shown to be neither all-powerful nor immortal. Zeus drained himself of his power by unleashing all of it upon Godzilla, and was later killed in the eruption of Moust Vesuvius caused by Godzilla.


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