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Uncle Zilla trademark icon
Uncle Zilla
Uncle Zilla in Godziban
Relations Kamachi (son); Godzilla-kun,
Minilla, Little (nephews)
Allies Minilla, Kamachi, Little, Godzilla-kun
Enemies Gabara
First appearance Godziban episode 32, "Uncle Zilla"

Uncle Zilla (シン・オジ,   Shin Oji, lit. Shin Uncle) is a kaiju who first appeared in episode 32 of the 2019 web series Godziban. He is the father of Kamachi and uncle of the Three Godzilla Brothers.


Uncle Zilla's Japanese name is a pun on ShinGoji (シンゴジ), a nickname for Godzilla in the 2016 film Shin Godzilla. It comes from the Japanese word oji (伯父 or 叔父), meaning "uncle." He is named as such because he is the uncle of the Three Godzilla Brothers. His name is translated to English as "Uncle Zilla," similar to the English name of the character Grandpa Zilla. The secondary head on the end of Uncle Zilla's tail is simply named Tail (しっぽ,   Shippo).


Uncle Zilla's appearance is identical to that of the Godzilla design featured in Shin Godzilla. He stands considerably taller than any of the other monsters featured in Godziban so far.


Despite his grotesque and emotionless appearance, Uncle Zilla is polite and friendly, and is beloved by his three nephews. Minilla translates his roars on two occasions, indicating that he told Gabara "Hello," and that he later told his nephews "Let's play together." Tail, the secondary head at the end of Uncle Zilla's tail, appears to be an independent being.


  • Godziban (web 2019-) [episodes 32, 34, 40, 42-43, 47-48, 50, and 56-57; special episodes 3 and 11]


"Uncle Zilla"

Uncle Zilla appeared as Gabara was picking on Minilla. Uncle Zilla's mere presence was enough to terrify Gabara, who scrambled away only to encounter Uncle Zilla's son Kamachi. Terrified, Gabara finally ran away from the area, leaving Minilla safe. Minilla thanked his uncle, cuddling with Tail. Little and Godzilla-kun then arrived and joined Minilla and Kamachi in playing with Uncle Zilla. The Three Godzilla Brothers then simultaneously fired their atomic breath into the air, with Uncle Zilla joining in by firing his own beams from his mouth, tail, and dorsal fins.


Atomic breath

To be added.

Energy absorption

When three Kamacuras grew to giant size from energy contained in a weather balloon's radiosonde, Uncle Zilla and Kamachi were able to defeat them by inhaling the energy from them, shrinking the Kamacuras to their original size while growing giant from the fumes.


Uncle Zilla does not speak, but only utters the roars of the 1954 Godzilla. However, Minilla is able to translate his roars into words.


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