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Sakuya trademark icon
Sakuya's Plant Beast Form in Godziban
Sakuya's Flower Beast Form in Godziban
Alternate names Biollante, Violon Tree, Bio Tree
Species Biollante
Forms Plant Beast Form, Flower Beast Form
Place(s) of emergence Bio Forest
Relations Erika (daughter)
Allies Erika, Godzilla-kun, Minilla, Little, Matangos
Enemies Desghidorah
First appearance Latest appearance
Godziban episode 44,
"A Flower Blooms in the Dark"
Godziban episode 46,
"A Voice that Calls For Us"
Flower Beast:Plant Beast:
For the movie of the same name, see Sakuya (film).

Sakuya (咲夜 (サクヤ)) is a plant kaiju who first appeared in episode 10 of the third season of Godziban, "A Flower Blooms in the Dark." She is a Biollante and the guardian of the mysterious Bio Forest. When her ancient nemesis Desghidorah escaped from his prison in the forest, Sakuya sent her daughter Erika and the Matangos Matan and Tango to Godzi Godzi Island to recruit the help of the Three Godzilla Brothers. Working together, she and the brothers were able to overcome and imprison the three-headed demon once more, at least temporarily.


The kanji characters that compose Sakuya's name, 咲夜 (Sakuya), individually mean "blossom" and "night," respectively. Her name is also rendered phonetically in katakana characters as サクヤ.

Sakuya is identified in onscreen text as being a Biollante (ビオランテ,   Biorante), and is additionally referred to in dialogue as the Violon Tree (ヴィオロンの木,   Vioron no Ki), referencing the name of the Violon Forest; both the nickname and location are themselves a reference to the French word for violin, "violon," which was the real-life inspiration behind Biollante's name.[1] The English subtitles on the GODZILLA OFFICIAL by TOHO YouTube channel's uploads of Godziban change this to Bio Tree, matching their translation of the location's name as "Bio Forest."


Sakuya possesses two forms, each of which is based on Biollante's Flower Beast and Plant Beast Forms from Godzilla vs. Biollante. In her first form, Sakuya resembles a gigantic rose with a toothed mouth inside of the flower and countless tentacle-like vines, as well as a glowing orange fleshy sac located within her abdomen. Sakuya's second form is much larger, with a long crocodilian head with a tusked mouth covered with teeth and a glowing orange nucleus in her stomach. In this form, she has orange eyes.


Sakuya is known as the Bio Tree, a gigantic plant monster who defends the mysterious Bio Forest from threats such as the evil Desghidorah. She possesses some unknown connection to Mirei, the mother of the Three Godzilla Brothers, as she speaks in her voice and refers to the brothers by name.


  • Godziban (web 2019-) [episodes 44-47, 54, and 57]


When her ancient nemesis Desghidorah escaped from his prison and threatened the Bio Forest, Sakuya's daughter Erika recruited Little and his brothers Godzilla-kun and Minilla to help stop the three-headed demon. The Matangos Matan and Tango transported the brothers to the Bio Forest, where they witnessed Sakuya battle Desghidorah. Desghidorah seemingly destroyed Sakuya, but she broke apart into spores of energy and merged with the Three Godzilla Brothers before taking on her more powerful evolved form. With the three brothers serving as her tentacles, Sakuya turned the tables against Desghidorah and subdued him, sealing him away once again. With the Bio Forest safe once again for the time being, the Matangos returned the brothers to Godzi Godzi Island, where they reported their success to Erika. Godzilla-kun vowed to return to Sakuya's aid once Desghidorah inevitably escaped once again.


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