Magma Lizard

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Magma Lizards
Magma Lizard
Alternate names Lizard Monster[1]
Species Underground Reptiles
Enemies Calico Crew
First appearance Godzilla episode 24,
"Pacific Peril"

The Magma Lizards (トカゲ怪獣,   Tokage Kaijū, lit. Lizard Monster) are lizard kaiju created by Hanna-Barbera that appeared in the 1979 Godzilla episode, "Pacific Peril."


The Magma Lizards are red and brown lizards with spikes on their heads and backs.


The Magma Lizards lived in an underground cave system at the bottom of the ocean. The Magma Lizards went up to the surface of the Earth when volcanoes all over the world started erupting. The Calico crew was investigating what was causing the explosions, when Quinn and Brock were cornered by four of the lizards. Godzooky helped the two cross over a river of magma to escape the Magma Lizards.

When the crew discovered that the source of the eruptions was a Russia rocket stuck between two tectonic plates, another Magma Lizard appeared from the rocket. Brock went inside the rocket and started the engines while Godzooky and the others distracted it. The crew all got inside the rocket and escaped the underground caves, except for Godzooky, who was too big to fit in. Godzooky was cornered, but Godzilla punched a hole through the wall and saved Godzooky. When the Magma Lizards saw Godzilla, they retreated.


Fire breath

The Magma Lizards can breathe fire from their mouths. However, they can only spew a certain amount until they have to recharge by feeding on lava.


Though the Magma Lizards were able to hold their own against Godzooky, the larger Godzilla easily scared them off.



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