Garoga Spider

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Garoga Spider
The Garoga Spider
Alternate names Red Spider, Garopa Spider[1]
Species Giant Garogan spider
Relations Garogas (creators)
Allies Garogas
First appearance Zone Fighter episode 9,
"Search for the Secret of the Red Spider!"

The Garoga Spider (ガロガスパイダー,   Garoga Supaidā) is a kaiju created by Toho that appears in the ninth episode of Zone Fighter, "Search for the Secret of the Red Spider!."


The Garoga Spider's Japanese name, Garoga Supaidā (ガロガスパイダー), is simply a combination of Garoga (ガロガ), the name of the race who deployed it, and supaidā (スパイダー), the Japanese word for spider. The creature is also sometimes referred to as the Red Spider (赤いクモ or レッドスパイダー), including the name of its debut episode, Search for the Secret of the Red Spider! Additionally, the book Toho Special Effects All Monster Encyclopedia erroneously refers to the Garoga Spider as Garopa Spider (ガロパスパイダー), albeit only once.[1]


The Garoga Spider is a giant crimson spider.


Zone Fighter

The Garoga Spider was deployed by the Garogas to mutate animals into Terror-Beasts. It managed to find a gorilla and bit it. The Garoga Spider then began drinking the blood of the gorilla, transforming it into Garoga Gorilla. Garoga Spider then flew away in a hurry and ended up landing on a pair of railroad tracks, before being killed by an oncoming train.



The Garoga Spider is able to fly at a moderate speed, allowing it to locate and descend on its prey. It used its flight to pursue a truck containing two lions, intending to mutate them before being forced to retreat. Later, it chased after an escaped gorilla in order to successfully mutate it.


The Garoga Spider is able to drink the blood of its victim through a bite, which causes the victim to undergo rapid growth and mutation. It demonstrated this on a zoo gorilla by sticking a stinger into it, turning it into the Garoga Gorilla.


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