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The Garogas
A Gold Garoga and two Silver Garogas in Zone Fighter
Leader Gold Garoga
Pawns All Zone Fighter kaiju[1]
Homeworld Planet Garoga
Enemies Humans, Peacelandians, Godzilla
First appearance Zone Fighter Episode 1:
Destroy the Terror-Beast Missile!

The Garogas (ガロガ星人,   Garoga Seijin, lit. Garoga Star People) are an evil alien species created by Toho that first appeared in the 1973 tokusatsu kaiju series, Zone Fighter.


In their debut appearance, the Garogas are given the name Garoga Aliens (ガロガ星人,   Garoga Seijin, lit. Garoga Star People), simply due to the fact that they are aliens from the planet Garoga. However, according to the Toho Special Effects All Monster Encyclopedia, the Garogas' official collective Japanese name is Garoga Baron Aliens (ガロガバラン星人,   Garoga Baran Seijin, lit. Garoga Baron Star People).[2]

Said book also denotes the different Garoga colorations which appear throughout the series as Gold Garoga (ゴールドガロガ,   Gōrudo Garoga), Silver Garoga (シルバーガロガ,   Shirubā Garoga), Red Garoga (レッドガロガ,   Reddo Garoga), and White Garoga (ホワイトガロガ,   Howaito Garoga).[2]

In the final episode of Zone Fighter, an elite group of Garoga soldiers are employed to steal a new kind of neutron energy for destructive purposes, and are given the name Cobalt Garoga (コバルトガロガ,   Kobaruto Garoga).[1] However, in official subsequent media such as the aforementioned Toho Special Effects All Monster Encyclopedia, the Cobalt Garoga are instead listed as Garoga Gamma X (ガロガガンマ,   Garoga Ganma Ekkusu).[2]


The Garogas are insect-like creatures with bug-like eyes and long antennae which protrude from either side of the tops of their heads. There are five different variations of Garoga who each vary in appearance.

The Gold Garoga possess gold heads and antennae, and red eyes. They usually wear an almost entirely red breastplate with the exception of a single blue stripe across their mid chest. This connects to sleeves of dark navy material covered in an array of spine-like fins as well as a fully gold armor piece which covers their upper thighs. Underneath this, the Gold Garoga wear black leggings, which are somewhat covered by their red and tan knee-high boots. They also wear fully golden gloves which are decorated with another row of golden spines, connecting with the ones on their arms. The baron of the Garoga Space Station wears a slightly different variation of this outfit. Instead of an almost entirely red chest piece, the baron's is golden at its top followed by a blue stripe, and its remainder being red. The baron also wears a black cape which denotes his status.

The Silver Garoga have silver heads and antennae, and are seen to have either black or blue eyes. These Garoga wear the exact same standard Garoga outfit as the Gold Garoga.

The White Garoga have white heads and antennae, and blue eyes. These Garoga also often wear the standardized Garoga outfit along with a yellow cape, however there are exceptions. Being the scientists of the Garoga, the White Garogas are seen on their space stations wearing white lab coats with long yellow gloves.

The Red Garoga have red heads and bright red eyes. These Garogas' are seen with a multitude of varying outfits throughout the series. Red Garoga have appeared wearing the standardized Garoga outfit with golden antennae similar to the color of their gloves, a variation of the Garoga outfit with a completely red chest piece, and the most unique, white gloves and antennae which was striped red and white similar to a candy cane.

The Cobalt Garoga have light blue faces and antennae, and cobalt eyes. These Garoga are perhaps the most unique of their species, sporting a large silver plate decorated with a raised "X" over top of their usual outfit. This plate connects to a thick silver belt which wraps around the Garoga's waist and is covered with long, yellow, spikes.


Zone Fighter

The Garogas are a ruthless race of aliens native to the planet Garoga. They seek only galactic domination, conquering worlds one by one. After successfully destroying the planet known as Peaceland, its inhabitants, the Zone Family, fled to Earth to call it their new home. As luck would have it for the devilish race, the Garogas had already set their sights on Earth and upon discovering the Zone Family's presence there, sent down three spies to eliminate the family. Eventually cornering Hikaru, Hotaru, and Akira Sakimori at their newfound base of operations, the three transformed into Zone Fighter, Zone Angel, and Zone Junior respectively to fight off the attackers. To escape death, the three Garogas amalgamated in to the giant monster Red Spark. However, Hikaru displayed an ability unknown to the Garoga, transforming in to a giant warrior. After fighting and destroying Red Spark, the Garogas fired a "Terror-Beast Missile" at Earth, unleashing another monster. The new opponent, Jikiro, proved to be a difficult opponent for the inexperienced Hikaru. However with the help of his siblings, Hikaru was able to destroy the second monster once and for all. With no other choice but to temporarily admit their defeat, the Garogas began plotting once more in their satellite base known only as the Garoga Space Station. Throughout Zone Fighter, the Garogas deployed numerous more "Terror-Beasts" in an attempt to finish off the last survivors of Peaceland's destruction and to conquer their new target of Earth and occasionally has to deal with the Godzilla who helps out the Zone Family.

The Garogas are shown to operate hierarchily, with each tier of Garoga possessing a different skin coloration and sometimes a different outfit to denote their status. The Gold Garoga are the commanders of the Garoga, overseeing the destruction of their assigned planet, and outranked only by the malevolent and mysterious Garoga leader. The Silver Garoga are the cohorts and laborers of the Gold Garoga, carrying out whatever task they are assigned and eliminating all opposing threats to their empire. The White Garoga act as the scientists of the race, conceiving the various schemes and weapons used to destroy their enemies and planetary targets. The Red Garoga are the generals or chiefs of the ruthless Garoga army, extremely capable in combat, however rarely seen engaging in such activities. Instead, the Red Garoga prefer to sit back and watch as their underlings carry out the fruitful plans of the almighty Garoga king. Finally, the Cobalt Garoga are an extremely elite squadron of advanced warriors said to be hand-picked by the leader himself. They are only recruited for the highest priority missions and will ruthlessly follow the orders given to them.


Antenna whips

All Garogas, minus the white versions, can detach their antennae to strangle or whip opponents.

Extraordinary jumper

All Garogas, minus the white versions, are able to jump extremely high.

Human disguise

All Garogas, minus the white versions, can disguise themselves as humans, but they will have webbed hands.

Terror-Beast transformation

Some Garogas transform or fuse into the Terror-Beasts throughout the show, including Red Spark, Spyler, Detragon, Mogranda, and Grotogauros.


After announcing that Gundarguirus had consumed a sample of the PS73 device, a Red Garoga crossed their arms, spread them out, and promptly disappeared on the spot.

Explosive discs

Cobalt Garogas can launch exploding discs from their arms.


Cobalt Garogas can run at high speeds.


Gold and Cobalt Garogas can blind opponents by emitting a flash from their eyes.


Although Garogas are unaffected by human firearms, as shown in "In a Hair's Breadth: The Roar of Godzilla!?", weaponry used by transformed Zone Family members are able to hurt them.



This is a list of references for Garoga. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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