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The Futurians in Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah
Leader Wilson
Pawns King Ghidorah, BaganGZB
Homeworld Earth (in 2204)
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah Godziban
We came here to warn these people. We came back here to tell them their country was in danger. Now you've double-crossed them with what you're doing. You've gone too far.

Emmy Kano (Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah)

The Futurians (未来人,   Miraijin, lit. "Future People") are a group of time travelers from the 23rd-century year of 2204 who visit Japan in 1992 during the events of the 1991 Godzilla film Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah. Though they claim to have come to save Japan, they are in fact radical terrorists whose goal is to destroy Japan in the past before it can become an economic superpower in the future.


The name "Futurians" is never spoken in Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah. The trio is only referred to as "23rd-century people" in the Japanese dialogue: in respectful language by Fujio (23世紀の方々,   nijūsan seiki no katagata) and informal language by Terasawa (23世紀の人間たち,   nijūsan seiki no ningen-tachi). However, the name Miraijin (未来人), translating to "Futurians" or more literally "Future People", appears in sources both contemporary and otherwise, including the film's theater program and Super Complete Works.[1][2][3][4][5][6] Though the 2000 Japanese book Godzilla 1954-1999 Super Complete Works offers "Future People" in English,[4] the translation "Futurians" is widely preferred in the English-speaking fandom. Its first known usage was in a 1992 plot synopsis written by J.D. Lees for a kaiju newsletter that would later become the fanzine G-FAN.[7] It has also been adopted by some official media, appearing in the synopsis on the back of TriStar's 1998 DVD release of the film, in the 1998 book The Official Godzilla Compendium (coauthored by Lees),[8] and in King Ghidorah (1991)'s description in the 2022 mobile game Godzilla Battle Line, as well as on Toho's since-closed global website.[9] TriStar's earlier VHS releases and Sony's 2014 Blu-ray instead erroneously call them "aliens."


Heisei era

Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah

The Futurians represented a political organization called the Equal Environment Earth Union (EEEU). The goal of this organization is to equalize the power of all nations of the planet. However, in the year 2204, Japan was the most powerful nation on Earth, having bought up nations on other continents like Africa and South America. It had become so powerful and large that the Earth Union (a type of futuristic United Nations) could no longer control it.

Unsatisfied with his organization's progress, Wilson formulated a plan to use more drastic measures to bring Japan to its knees and end its economic reign. While he originally planned to use nuclear weapons against Japan, Wilson realized this would be nearly impossible given the banning of all nuclear weapons back in the 21st century. Instead, Wilson, along with two other members of the EEEU, Glenchico and Emmy Kano, stole the time machine MOTHER from the Earth Union and along with an army of androids, traveled back to 1992 Japan. Once there, they laid out a phony scenario to the Japanese government, stating that Godzilla would soon return and completely destroy Japan. They then proposed a solution that involved using their time machine to travel back to the year 1944 to remove the dinosaur living on Lagos Island which was theorized to have been transformed into Godzilla by the hydrogen bomb test carried out at nearby Bikini Atoll in 1954. Once they had relocated the "Godzillasaurus" to the bottom of the Bering Sea, where they hoped the creature would die, they secretly released three Dorats, man-made creatures bred in the 23rd century, onto the island before departing. It was hoped that the three imps would survive until the 1954 Castle Bravo H-bomb test, and that the radiation would mutate the Dorats into a monster that the Futurians could use to attack Japan in Godzilla's absence, the resultant destruction leaving the nation too crippled to begin its rise to being the most powerful nation in the 23rd Century.

When the expedition returned to the present day, Godzilla had disappeared from the waters off Japan while a three-headed dragon called King Ghidorah, the result of the Dorats fusing and mutating from the H-bomb, seemingly took his place. Controlling the beast the same way that they controlled the original Dorats, the Futurians sent their monster to attack and destroy Japan one city at a time, hoping to weaken it and prevent it from becoming a superpower in the future by forcing it to accept their demands for rebuilding the country. With Godzilla out of the way, and the JSDF helpless against King Ghidorah, the Futurian's plan seemed to be working. Disillusioned by the horrific method her colleagues were employing against Japan, Emmy chose to defect and reprogrammed their android M11 to side with her and help the Japanese. Meanwhile, the Japanese government developed a plan to mutate the Godzillasaurus which they believed was still dormant in the Bering Sea into a new Godzilla using a nuclear submarine owned by Yasuaki Shindo. However, the sub encountered the fully-mutated Godzilla, having actually been created by the Futurians' actions rather than erased, en route to the Bering Sea. Godzilla destroyed the submarine and absorbed its power, which cured his ANEB infection and caused him to grow to 100 meters in height. However, the two remaining Futurians refused to give up, and ordered their creation to kill Godzilla when the monster came ashore in Hokkaido. For a while, it appeared as if Godzilla may lose, but right at the critical moment in the battle, Emmy, M11 and Kenichiro Terasawa mounted an assault on MOTHER, destroying the computer used to control King Ghidorah. Now weakened, King Ghidorah began to lose ground, and soon Godzilla succeeded in decapitating the beast's middle head. Meanwhile, Emmy and Terasawa confronted Wilson and Glenchico, who assured them that their plan was still a success, as the revitalized Godzilla would destroy Japan for them. Emmy and Terasawa attacked Wilson and Glenchico, knocking them unconscious, then escaped in KIDS with M11. Unwilling to let her former colleagues escape back to the future, Emmy used KIDS' teleportation ray to teleport MOTHER directly in front of Godzilla. When Wilson and Glenchico regained consciousness, they found themselves face-to-face with Godzilla. Godzilla then blasted the time machine with his atomic breath, destroying it along with Wilson and Glenchico just 60 seconds before it could teleport back to 2204. When King Ghidorah subsequently attempted to flee, Godzilla blasted holes in its wings, causing it to fall into the sea, defeated at last.

However, Wilson and Glenchico's claim seemed to be true, as Godzilla began a rampage across Japan, trampling Sapporo before heading south for Tokyo. In order to stop Wilson from getting the last laugh, Emmy and M11 returned to the future and recovered the still-living but comatose King Ghidorah from the Sea of Okhotsk, using their technology to convert him into a cyborg dubbed Mecha-King Ghidorah. Mecha-King Ghidorah returned to 1992 and confronted Godzilla in downtown Tokyo, overwhelming him after a fierce battle. Mecha-King Ghidorah carried Godzilla over the open ocean, but Godzilla blasted out its wings and caused them both to plummet into the sea below. Fortunately, Emmy and M11 escaped from the cyborg monster inside of KIDS and returned to 2204, their mission a success.

Reiwa era


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