Die-Die Gang

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Die-Die Gang
A pin of the gang's logo
The gang's logo seen in the animated series
Leader Mr. KRM72,
Emperor DongolosRM82
Homeworld Earth, Wandol (possibly)RM82
Enemies Humans, Japanese people
First appearance Warrior of Love Rainbowman
episode 4, "The Macanese Murder Show"
Latest appearance Warrior of Love Rainbowman
episode 22, "The End of Dongolos"
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The Die-Die Gang (死ね死ね団,   Shineshinedan) are the main antagonists of the Warrior of Love Rainbowman franchise, appearing as his greatest foes in both the 1972 original series and its 1982-83 animated adaptation.

In the original series they are a more traditional, if fantastical, militant and racist organized crime ring led by Mr. K. K is a World War II veteran with a vendetta against the Japanese for the war crimes they committed in the Pacific theater, and is now dedicated to eliminating Japan and all Japanese people. He imports many scientists and occultists from Africa.

In the animated series they are a group of alien conquerors led by Mr. K under the orders of the deposed despot Emperor Dongolos, who saw humans engage in combat, in hopes that the conflict would yield technological advancements that would allow him to return to the stars. Dongolos was sealed away in a stone pillar by the mystic yogi Deva Datta for many years. During this time, Mr. K assumed control of the organization, and prepared for Dongolos's release. After the death of Deva Datta, Dongolos escaped his prison, where the holy man's psychic energy had been keeping him, and they began their full scale invasion.


Showa era

Warrior of Love Rainbowman (1972)

The Die-Die Gang is a terrorist organization dedicated to destroying Japan, Japanese people, and quite possibly any Asian ethnic group, as implied by their theme song's desire to "destroy yellow lives."[1] They make use of modern science and occult magic practices to meet their goals. Mr. K is aided in his leadership by a number of female lieutenants, each of whom is highly dedicated to their cause, and is later converted into a cyborg by Doctor Borg. Mr. K also hires powerful magicians like Hederonia III and the witches Iguana and Goddess Iguana to create monsters for him.

Warrior of Love Rainbowman (1982)

The Die-Die Gang's total numbers are estimated at between 30,000 and 100,000 members, who follow Emperor Dongolos on his mission to destroy peace and happiness. Despite this, it is unclear whether they are mutant or mind-controlled humans or aliens like Dongolos from the planet Wandol. In either case, most of their number are kidnapped from their homes and forced into service, where they are reconditioned to become fanatically loyal to Dongolos' war on peace and beauty. The Die-Die Gang's operations are mainly overseen by their regional Commander Mr. K, who is in charge of the gang's operations in Asia. He is aided by a Deputy Commander, who is replaced twice throughout the series, starting with Fairie Rosé, moving to Major Heinz, and finally to Pastel Petite. The various nefarious weapons and monsters used by the organization are created by their chief scientist Doctor Gilma. The bulk of the group consists mostly of bald-headed, blue-skinned men wearing green military-style uniforms. Foot soldiers in the Die-Die Gang can often be seen wearing black suits with round helmets and white gloves and boots. Cybernetically enhanced elite soldiers with blue markings on their faces called "Deathnoids" formed an elite within the Gang's military, and were chosen to undergo body modifications to enhance their combat abilities and/or become one with the Devil Mechas to power and control the beasts. Deathnoid can also refer to mutant elite soldiers with the ability to transform into a much more monstrous form, either insectoid, starfish-like, or a more abstract creature referred to as humanoid. Sometimes, groups of black-suited soldiers are led by a ranking member with a spade symbol on their helmet, and there is evidence that even this incarnation of the Die-Die Gang had cowboy garments as part of their wardrobe. The lowest members of the Die-Die Gang are not members at all, but instead what are called "Sainin Mechas," who are brainwashed humans controlled via remote voice command, but can be returned to normal if the transmitter on their neck is destroyed.


Warrior of Love Rainbowman (1972)

Warrior of Love Rainbowman (1982)





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