Devil Mecha

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Devil Mecha
Art of Devil Mechas in production
Leader Die-Die Gang
Homeworld Earth
Enemies Humans
First appearance Warrior of Love Rainbowman episode 2,
"Go! Warrior of Love"
Latest appearance Warrior of Love Rainbowman episode 22, "The End of Dongolos"

The Devil Mechas (デビルメカ,   Debirumeka) are a race of fearsome war machines merged with Die-Die Gang Deathnoids, and serve as the primary foe for Rainbow Seven in the 1982 animated series series, Warrior of Love Rainbowman.

Created by Doctor Gilma in the Die-Die Gang's undersea headquarters, the Devil Mechas are inoperable without being merged with a Deathnoid, who is usually hand picked by Emperor Dongolos, and cheered on by a crowd of adoring gang members when they accept this great honor.


The Devil Mechas were designed by the series' creative director, Nobuhiro Okasako. While there is no real unifying design motif for each of them, many feature spikes evoking "devil horns" on their heads, including Draudas, Ganglas, Arrowsoras, and Jaradan.


Showa era

Warrior of Love Rainbowman (1982)

The Devil Mechas were created by the Die-Die Gang as part of their plot to destroy Japan and peace and happiness in the world, and are seemingly in continuous parallel production. After the destruction of Draudas, the first Devil Mecha unleashed on the world, it was declared by Dongolos that all of their resources had been depleted, leading to the hijacking of a Japanese factory to produce the second Mecha. When this plot is foiled, it is unknown how more Mechas are produced.

The defining feature of a Devil Mecha is their unique operation. They are lifeless machines, and are not seen moving in any capacity until they are bonded with the life force of a pilot, whose physical form seems to disappear within the machine. Despite this, and the apparent difficulties supplying resources for their creation, a Devil Mecha is first and foremost a tool for the Die-Die Gang, and are designed and produced with a single goal in mind. Once this goal is met, they are remotely destroyed. Such a fate befell Goliath, who upon destroying Rainbow Seven, was destroyed and replaced by Arrowsoras. Despite this disposability, Deathnoids selected to become one with a Devil Mecha are hailed as heroes and ascend to their new form before a crowd of cheering Die-Die Gang personnel.


Energy blasts

All Devil Mechas have different designs and abilities, but each features at least one form of energy beam attack, be it from their eyes, mouths, mounted cannons, or all three. Each one will usually have a special ability unique to them, which can either be as an extension of their design, or just a variation in weaponry and tactics.



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