Fairie Rosé

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Fairie Rosé
Fairie Rosé in Warrior of Love Rainbowman
Occupation Die-Die Gang deputy commander
First appearance Warrior of Love Rainbowman
episode 1, "A Destined Encounter"
Latest appearance Warrior of Love Rainbowman
episode 12, "The Tanker Destruction Strategy!"
Played by Kazue Komiya

Fairie Rosé (フェアリ・ロゼ,   Feari Roze) is the deputy commander of the villainous Die-Die Gang in the 1982 animated television series Warrior of Love Rainbowman. She is Mr. K's top-ranking assistant from the start of the series until her death in the 12th episode, "The Tanker Destruction Strategy!"


Showa era

Warrior of Love Rainbowman (1982)

"A Destined Encounter"

Rosé was sent to Japan in disguise to get information for the Die-Die Gang.

"Go! Warrior of Love"

Fairie Rosé and her superior Mr. K oversaw construction of the Devil Mecha Draudas at the command of their leader Emperor Dongolos. Before long, the death of Dongolos' captor Deva Datta allowed the emperor to break free from his stone cocoon, and as his top two underlings, Rosé and Mr. K watched him emerge.

"Fight! Rainbow Seven"

Fairie Rosé was sent by Mr. K to gather intelligence on a superphoton laser canon being developed by Dr. Toyama. She took on a human disguise and spied on Takeshi Yamato when he returned to Japan at a public airport. After a group of Die-Die Gang soldiers failed to capture Tomoya's wife and son, she took on the form of the boy's school teacher, and reprimanded his mother for his performance in class before speaking to him privately. This conversation allowed her to slap a mind control device onto the boy, and later that night she used voice commands through a remote control to try and get him to kill his father. Yamato stopped the boy and destroyed the device, to Rosé's ire. He rushed outside to fight her and a group of Shine Shine Dan soldiers. He quickly transformed into Rainbowman, startling Rosé, and they were found by the Devil Mecha Draudas, who arrived to stop the hero. Rosé then watched as Rainbow Seven materialized before her and destroyed Draudas before she and the soldiers retreated.

"The Terrifying Robot Factory"

Rosé used a disguise to pose as the assistant to the head of a robot manufacturing plant, and used his equipment to help construct the Devil Mecha Gizarath. After a successful test run of the mecha left part of a city in ruins, she discovered two human children had infiltrated her facility, and sent her soldiers after them. She hooked them up to a production conveyor belt, with the intention that the machinery tear them apart, but Rainbowman arrived to rescue them. He fought through many soldiers before Rosé summoned Gizarath, which was quickly defeated by Rainbow Seven.

"The Tanker Destruction Strategy!"

After experiencing Takeshi's kindness firsthand, Fairie Rosé eventually falls in love with Takeshi, and gives her life to protect him from an explosion.



Fairie Rosé has the ability to don a convincing human disguise, but those who know her in her true form are not as likely to be fooled by it.

Sainin bug

Fairie Rosé favors a small control node that she attaches to the necks of unsuspecting humans, turning them into "Sainin Mecha," who can be controlled by her vocal commands into a radio transmitter.


Warrior of Love Rainbowman (1982)




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