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Lutz in Gamera (comic)
Species Human
Nationality Mexican
Occupation Tour pilot
Airline pilot (formerly)
Related to Unnamed aunt
First appearance Gamera

Mister Lutz is a fictional sightseeing pilot that first appeared in the 1996 comic Gamera by Dark Horse Comics. He serves as the series' narrator and reflects on the events that occur.



Gamera #1

At one point in his life, Lutz was a promising airline pilot; however, a series of poor decisions left him in Guanajota Harbor on the Pacific Coast of Mexico giving sightseeing tours in an old pontoon plane. Unfortunately, his business started off quite slowly, so he tried to set up an added attraction in the form of a freak show, showcasing a monster. The monster in reality was simply to be Lutz' pet dog wearing a stuffed extra head. As he was attempting to affix the head to the dog it bit him, and he was approached by a girl. She said she was interested in seeing the monster, which Lutz explained was not working at the moment, and instead offered her a seaplane ride. In the air, she became worried about the plane's safety, but Lutz assured her there was nothing to worry about. He then learned that her name was Asagi Kusanagi, and that she came from Japan on business with her friend Mayumi Nagamine, an ornithologist. Asagi, however, had been sent by her father to learn from travel. Lutz remarked that he had done a lot of traveling and still turned out stupid. He then asked about her interest in monsters, and she began to tell of a monster that she knew called Gamera. Lutz instantly recognized the name, and Asagi told of how last year she had helped Gamera to defend Japan from Gyaos, during the events of Gamera the Guardian of the Universe. Lutz recognized the story from the newspapers, but they had never mentioned Kusanagi, and her claims of a psychic link to Gamera made him think that she might be crazy, as her magic amulet began to glow and she claimed Gamera was calling her. Just as Lutz noticed that Guanajota was on fire, Gamera flew past the plane. On seeing Gyaos attacking the city, Lutz began to wonder if he was dreaming. As Gyaos attacked Gamera, Kusanagi's cheek split open, and she claimed that it was part of her connection to Gamera. Being thoroughly frightened, Lutz landed and kicked her out fearing that she was attracting the monsters, and refused her attempts to pay for her trip.

Gamera #2

Immediately regretting his decision, Lutz ran into Guanajota and found Asagi on the ground. He helped her up and walked her to the harbor, where Gamera and Gyaos were fighting. There, she sent a message through the Magatama, and the two watched as Gamera tackled Gyaos into a tanker ship and set it on fire. With Asagi drained from the effort, Lutz dropped her at a clinic, and took her Magatama, believing that it was safer in the hands of an adult. He then boarded his seaplane and headed after Gamera over the pacific, dreaming of all the things he could do with Gamera's help. Unfortunately, Lutz's plane ran out of gas over the ocean. Despite his attempts to summon Gamera with the pendant, Lutz began to drown. He later awoke to being resuscitated by the French Navy, who immediately arrested him for trying to disrupt a nuclear test, and was placed in the brig with two radical environmentalists from the organization Nature Über Allies. Unfortunately, the ensuing nuclear test awoke a sea monster, whose attack breached the brig, allowing Lutz and the N.U.A. activists to escape. In an attempt to defend himself, Lutz grabbed a gun from a downed sailor, and prepared to fire on the beast, but was stopped by the N.U.A. members. However, despite Lutz's not being connected to the amulet, Gamera appeared and attacked the newcomer, but was blasted by its energy beam, and he fell into the ocean, much to Lutz's dismay.

Gamera #3

While running on the ship's deck in an attempt to get away from Zigra's carnage, Lutz found Asagi on board, and tried to give her the amulet back in order for her to use it to have Gamera drive Zigra away, but discovered that the amulet was broken. Asagi informed him that because the amulet was broken, Gamera was dead and the human race was doomed. She congratulated him on his stupidity before Zigra incinerated them both with its Tri-Color Beam, causing Lutz to awake from his dream. After returning to sleep in his cell in Paris, France, he was awoken in the morning by the sounds of the news media in the streets before a guard came to tell him that he had a visitor. It turned out to be Dr. Mayumi Nagamine, whose name he recognized from Asagi's story. When he asked, she informed him that Asagi had made a full recovery and was doing well. Lutz joked about his not having believed her stories about her role in the defeat of the original Gyaos, and Nagamine informed him that she was kept out of the media to protect her anonymity since she was a minor. Nagamine then showed him pictures of Greta Karbone and Gusano, and informed him that they had used stolen materials to create their own supermonsters, and that the current theory as to Zigra's origins was that it was one of their creations. Lutz did not recognize them, but recounted the tale of Zigra's defeat. while sinking, a submarine torpedoed Gamera, causing it to wake up and wake up angry. It then shot up out of the water faster than Zigra could react and bit its neck before flying out to the Pacific Ring of Fire and dropping it into an active volcano. Lutz then asked if she would set him free, but her position did not allow her that authority. He then tried to trade Asagi's amulet fr his freedom, but was hit in the face by the guard, who turned out to be Gusano, who took the amulet, and knocked Lutz to the floor when he tried to get it back. AFter falling onto Nagamine, they were teleported to the spaceship of an alien visitor called Freena, who came with a proposal for Nagamine, and had accidentally scooped Lutz up with her. She had been sent from her home planet to retrieve Zigra, but was now offering to instead take back any other supermonsters they might have. Before the humans could respond, the ship was shaken by something outside. It turned out to be the monster Viras, which Freena decided to salvage in Zigra's stead before Lutz pointed out that Gamera was flying in, and would likely destroy it. However, Gamera began defending Viras from incoming missiles, but at that time, Freena informed them that the engine had been damaged and was about to overheat.

Gamera #4

As Freena rerouted the ship's coolant to the engine, Nagamine noted that Gamera would not go against humanity and harm Viras of its own accord. Freena then discovered an energy trail flowing between Gamera and the Eiffel Tower, and closer investigation revealed that it was coming from Gusano and Karbone. Nagamine demanded to be teleported to them to deal with the problem, and neither Lutz nor Freena argued. With Nagamine gone, Freena left Lutz to pilot the ship while she went to repair the engine. She kept in contact with Lutz over a radio, and had him fire a super anesthetic at Viras, but Lutz missed and put an entire military battalion to sleep. Viras then attacked the ship with a beam attack, which caused Freena to call for Lutz to fly the ship closer to the tower, as the closer they were to Viras' allies, the safer they were. However, when they arrive there, Gusano dives into the engine core, causing the main thruster to go out of control. When the ship crashed, Lutz began to search around for a door, and began to wonder if the vessel had no doors, and if Freena had been born inside it. Quickly regaining his composure, Lutz received radio contact from Freena, who told him that the thruster was going to explode. She began a final goodbye, before Gusano tore out the thruster and delivered it to Gamera, reinvigorating the monster and allowing it to defeat Viras. When Lutz was rescued from the wreckage, Gamera was flying away, and Freena was nowhere to be seen. However, Lutz believed that she could hide among the odd high-fashion culture of Paris forever. With lengthy explanations, Mayumi was able to arrange for Lutz's release, and when she asked what he would do now, Lutz supposed that he would return to his dog in Guanajota; however, as they walked, Lutz found Asagi's amulet on the ground and knew what to do next.



  • Lutz' only living relative, aside from his dog, is a comatose aunt living in Brooklyn, New York.


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