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Gusano in Gamera (comic)
Species Human
Nationality Mexican
Occupation Black marketeer
Related to Greta Karbone (lover)
First appearance Gamera
For the monster from Godzilla: The Series, see El Gusano Gigante.

Mister Gusano is a fictional bodyguard and black marketeer that first appeared in the 1996 comic Gamera by Dark Horse Comics.



Gamera #1

Gusano was the personal bodyguard to the biologist Greta Karbone on her private island. After securing a great deal of contraband materials such as Gyaos DNA, and radioactive materials at low prices through Ukraine, they successfully were able to clone Gyaos and create several other mutants. However, one day, the Gyaos clone grew too big for its containment jar and escaped. It managed to eat their assistant Carlos. Karbone, under the alias of Patty Smith, invited Mayumi Nagamine, an ornithologist who had been instrumental in Gyaos' defeat one year prior, to the island under the guise of having seen a thought-to-be extinct bird. Gusano sailed the two to the island, where he remarked that they should search for the bird in the morning. Nagamine inquired if he was afraid of the dark, and Karbone, disguised as Patty Smith, said that he had had an encounter with a nocturnal creature that had left him in fear of darkness, likely in reference to Gyaos' escape. While going through the jungle to the laboratory, Nagamine identified a pile of Gyaos droppings, which lead to her telling Gusano to call the mainland authorities about the new Gyaos. Karbone then took Nagamine to the lab with the mutants, where she and Gusano described their predicament. Karbone then unmasked herself and revealed her plan to Nagamine: to force her into creating new supermonsters under their control.

Gamera #2

With Dr. Nagamine as their captive, Gusano apologized for her rough treatment, but encouraged the ornithologist to comply with Karbone's demands, as he found the doctor to be "no fun" when she was angry. At that moment, Karbone came in to say that Gamera had destroyed Gyaos as a means of getting Nagamine to join them, but the two entered a short argument, ending with Karbone ordering for Gusano to tie Nagamine to her chair. Gusano apologetically began to search for a soft rope. Nagamine thanked him for taking her comfort into consideration before asking how Gusano had come to work with Karbone. Gusano recounted the time they had first met. Greta had come to Mexico to work alone in her unorthodox experiments, and despite his having made a steady fortune in the black market, he had still felt an emptiness inside himself. He had first seen Karbone when she was dancing drunk at a nightclub and instantly fell in love. He then quit the black market to work with her. He recalled that it had been fun attempting to create life with her, until everything changed. After they succeeded, Karbone became obsessed with the experiments, particularly one called Viras, which she had injected with various fluids from her body, and had began to spend more time with it than with him. When he finished the story, Nagamine agreed to work with them to allow Karbone more time to spend with Gusano. Gusano was thrilled, and thanked Nagamine heartily before turning to call for his "cucaracha". However, as his back was turned, Nagamine swiped his flare gun and shot it into the tent, triggering an explosion in reaction with a tank of oxygen ehose valve she had loosened earlier. Gusano trekked through the ensuing fire looking for Karbone, who he found with the mutations. She immediately demanded he save Viras and leave the other mutations. Gusano showed concern for whether or not Nagamine had survived, and he carried Viras' tank on his back to their mini-submarine. Gusano was devastated that he had allowed for their work to be destroyed, but as they sailed away in the sub, Greta claimed that they had saved the only thing that mattered: Viras.

Gamera #3

After three weeks in the sub, and Greta's dismantling of the air filters, Gusano was eagerly awaiting their return to the surface to look after their personal hygiene. Greta, however, told him that their lives no longer mattered, as they were now in the service of Viras, the supreme being, which they would be helping to enslave the human race. Gusano expressed his growing concern with her obsession with the now fully-grown Viras, and said that he believed it might be affecting her. Greta berated him for this, and claimed that she had dedicated herself to its service, and that the bond their brains shared allowed her to become aware of frequencies only tangible to supermonsters, with which she planned to gain control of Gamera using the device she had built from the air filters. All that she needed was a conductor, which she had located in Paris, France. Gusano then infiltrated the security team of a prison, and when a prisoner by the name of Lutz was set to meet with Dr. Nagamine, he waited in the room until Lutz revealed the conductor: an amulet. Gusano then knocked out the other guard and took the thing from Lutz's hand. When Lutz tried to fight back, Gusano knocked him to the floor and left. Greta then unleashed Viras on the city, and began to scale the Eiffel Tower, while Gusano climbed after her, fearing for her safety.

Gamera #4

While near the top of the tower, Greta proclaimed that with Gamera under her control, it was only a matter of time before the monster was dead, and humanity would have no choice but to surrender the planet to Viras. Around this time, Gusano caught Dr. Nagamine, who had teleported short of her mark and was in position to fall. Gusano bade her to quickly give him a reason not to drop her. She asked him to notice the change in Greta. He revealed to her his suspicions of Viras' having brainwashed her, but Nagamine pointed out that Viras did not care for her the way he did, and suspected that it would discard or destroy her when she was no longer necessary. With this in mind, Gusano climbed up to Greta and tore the Atlantean Magatama with which she controlled Gamera from her neck while proclaiming his love for her. He threw the amulet to the ground, but Greta had become so obsessed with its power that she dove after it. Incredibly regretful for his actions, Gusano dove off the tower and into the open maintenance hatch of an alien spaceship, causing a small explosion that sent the ship speeding at maximum thrust. When the ship crashed, Gusano tore the reactor engine up before it exploded and left the craft to walk to the downed Gamera. Gusano saw that Gamera needed the fire to survive, like he needed his love for Greta, and as he threw the core at Gamera he told the monster that fire, like love, was all consuming. The ensuing blast took Gusano's life, but roused Gamera, ensuing the survival of the Earth.



  • Gusano is the Spanish word for worm.


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