Mayumi Nagamine

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Mayumi Nagamine
Mayumi Nagamine in Gamera: Guardian of the Universe
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Ornithologist,
UN Supermonster Task Force Representative
Related to Yoshinari Yonemori (Love interest)
First appearance Latest appearance
Gamera: Guardian of the Universe Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris
Played by Shinobu Nakayama,
Tiffany Grant (voice, English dubs)

Mayumi Nagamine (長峰 真弓,   Nagamine Mayumi) is a fictional ornithologist who first appeared as a supporting character in the 1995 Daiei film Gamera: Guardian of the Universe, and later returned as the protagonist in Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris. She also made an appearance in Dark Horse's comic book sequel to Gamera: Guardian of the Universe.

History[edit | edit source]

Gamera: Guardian of the Universe[edit | edit source]

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Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris[edit | edit source]

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Comics[edit | edit source]

Gamera: The Guardian of the Universe[edit | edit source]

Issue #1[edit | edit source]

One year after the events of Gamera: Guardian of the Universe, Mayumi was summoned to Guanajota, Mexico by millionaire Patty Smith, on account of her allegedly having seen an Emerald-Crested Dapplinger, a bird believed to have been extinct for decades. Smith paid for Mayumi to fly over, and she was accompanied by her friend Asagi Kusanagi. Smith thought it best to not allow Kusanagi to the island to prevent word of an alleged Dapplinger getting out, which Mayumi thought was reasonable. As they sailed to Smith's private island, they resolved to wait to search for the bird until morning when it would be most active. Their driver, Gusano made a point about searching during the light, which Smith brushed off as a fear of the dark brought on by a recent tangle with a nocturnal creature upon Mayumi's inquiry. As they walked through the jungle, Mayumi looked at the evening sky through her binoculars, she saw the outline of what she thought was Gyaos, before writing this possibility off as impossible. She then suggested that the group keep their eyes low, as the Dapplinger's size would have meant it would leave large droppings. Just as she said this, they came upon an enormous pile with human bones and a pair of glasses visible. With her suspicions of Gyaos' return confirmed, Mayumi ordered them to call Mainland Authorities. She explained to them that the Gyaos that had attacked Tokyo one year before, had been killed and its remains had been sealed in laboratories, and so somehow, another member of the Gyaos species had emerged. When Gusano went to radio Guanajota, Mayumi explained to Patty that Gyaos was essentially living weaponry that was indestructible to all weapons except for one that had been engineered to destroy them. Mayumi guessed that the nocturnal Gyaos was headed for Guanajota to feed, and Smith lead her into a back room of their camp, where she revealed that she had grown Gyaos from a piece of DNA from the original Gyaos sold to them on the black market. There were several other mutants in jars, but Gusano reported that Gyaos had grown too big and escaped. Smith then unmasked herself as Greta Karbone, a known lunatic biologist that had faked her death to ensure her privacy. Karbone then revealed her plan for Mayumi: She was to help them to create Supermonsters from Gyaos' DNA.

Issue #2[edit | edit source]

Mayumi was kept in the lab, and Gusano began to apologize for the situation, just before Karbone entered to inform Nagamine that Gamera had incinerated Gyaos in Guanajota harbor, and tried to pass this off as if there had been no damage done. Mayumi however, reminded her that because the Gyaos clone was her creation, and that the damages and loss of life it caused were her responsibility. KArbone reminds her that her proposal had been to create controllable monsters, but Nagamine shut her down by claiming that monsters could not be controlled, as they had minds of their own. Karbone was furious at this and stormed out, ordering Gusano to tie her to her chair. While he had his back turned, Nagamine opened the valve on a tank of oxygen and asked how he had met Karbone. After telling his story, and about how she had come to value a mutation called Viras more than him, Nagamine said she would help them with their project to allow Karbone more time with Gusano. Gusano thanked her, but when he turned to call for Dr. Karbone, Mayumi stole his flare gun, and apologized before firing a shot into the Oxygen-rich air, triggering an explosion she barely escaped.

Issue #3[edit | edit source]

On her escape, Nagamine reported her findings to the United Nations Supermonster Task Force, who sent her to Paris, France to interrogate a man named Lutz, who had been attacked at sea by another monster three weeks earlier. He recognized Nagamine's name and asked her about Asagi, who had made a full recovery since she and Lutz had last seen one another. After explaining that Asagi had been kept out of the coverage of the original Gyaos attack had been to protect the girl's anonymity, she showed him a file on Karbone and Gusano, and reported that the theory was that the beast that had attacked him had been one of their creations. Lutz did not recognize them, and told the story of Zigra's defeat at the hands of Gamera. Lutz then asked if she would set him free, but Mayumi's position did not allow her that authority. He then tried to trade Asagi's amulet for his freedom, but was hit in the face by the guard, who turned out to be Gusano, who took the amulet, and knocked Lutz to the floor when he tried to get it back. After falling onto Nagamine, they were teleported to the spaceship of an alien visitor called Freena, who came with a proposal for Mayumi, whom she believed to be Earth's foremost Supermonster expert, and had accidentally scooped Lutz up with her. She had been sent from her home planet to retrieve Zigra, but was now offering to instead take back any other Supermonsters they might have. Before the humans could respond, the ship was shaken by something outside. It turned out to be the now fully-grown Viras, which Freena decided to salvage in Zigra's stead before Lutz pointed out that Gamera was flying in, and would likely destroy it. However, Mayumi noted that Gamera began defending Viras from incoming missiles, but at that time, Freena informed them that the engine had been damaged and was about to overheat.

Issue #4[edit | edit source]

As Freena rerouted the ship's coolant to the engine, Nagamine noted that Gamera would not go against humanity and harm Viras of its own accord. Freena then discovered an energy trail flowing between Gamera and the Eiffel Tower, and closer investigation revealed that it was coming from Gusano and Karbone. Nagamine demanded to be teleported to them to deal with the problem, and neither Lutz nor Freena argued. However, the engine damage had affected the teleporter, and caused Mayumi to miss her mark and fall. Gusano caught her, and bade her to quickly give him a reason not to drop her, recalling her earlier trickery. She asked him to notice the change in Greta. He revealed to her his suspicions of Viras' having brainwashed her, and Nagamine pointed out that Viras did not care for her the way he did, and suspected that it would discard or destroy her when she was no longer necessary. With this in mind, Gusano climbed up to Greta to tend to Greta, and left Mayumi on one of the tower's observation platforms. After Gamera defeated Viras, With lengthy explanations, Mayumi was able to arrange for Lutz's release, and when she asked what he would do now, Lutz supposed that he would return to his dog in Guanajota. Nagamine and Lutz walked through Paris, and Mayumi peered through her binoculars for birds.

Gallery[edit | edit source]


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