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Cover of issue 2
Story by Dave Chipps
Written by Dave Chipps
Art by Mozart Couto
Colors by Art Knight
Letters by Clem Robins
Edits by Randy Stradley
Sales 11,844 copies[1]
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Dark Horse

"Wreckoning" is the second issue of the Dark Horse comic book Gamera. It was released on September 1, 1996.


Gamera's got his giant-turtle hands full dealing with the flying terror called Gyaos! But he'll have to free up a foot or two, 'cause a new player just entered the game: the alien shark creature Zigra! You have to expect days like this when you take on the title "Guardian of the Universe," and you have to be ready to come out fighting!


Regretting his decision to leave Asagi behind, Lutz runs into the burning Guanajota, where he finds her on the ground. He supports her as they make their way toward the fight between Gamera and the cloned Gyaos. As they watch the battle. Asagi sees an tanker ship sitting in Guanajota Harbor, where the supermonsters are battling, and grasps her Atlantean magatama to send Gamera a message. The monster understands, and tackles Gyaos into the tanker before flying upwards and blasting the beast and the ship with its flame breath. The ensuing inferno engulfs Gyaos and it burns to death. The mental strain leaves Asagi in a sorry state, and Lutz drops her at a clinic and takes her amulet, reasoning that it was too much responsibility and power for a kid like Asagi to handle, and that it should be in the hands of an adult. As Gamera flies out over the Pacific Ocean, Gusano follows in his sputtering plane. On Karbone's island, the reluctant Gusano tries to persuade Nagamine into cooperating. Before she can respond, Karbone enters with the news that Gamera had destroyed Gyaos, and claims that because of this there was no harm done. Nagamine bitterly retorts that Karbone is responsible for all of the damage and loss of life she caused. Karbone reminds her that her proposition involved creating controllable monsters; however, this did not sway her. Karbone storms out, and while Gusano's back is turned, Mayumi opens an oxygen tank, and distracts him by asking how he had met Karbone. He explains that he had been a black-market trader who had discovered Karbone in a bar and immediately fell in love. After that, he quit the black market and helped to build her laboratory; however, he notes that during the experimentation she changed drastically. She had become obsessed with the monster she had called Viras, and it is revealed that Viras had taken over her mind unbeknownst to her and Gusano. Nagamine then claims that she feels sorry for Gusano, and that she will join them to give Karbone more time to spend with him. He thanks her heartily and turns to call for Karbone, but Nagamine swipes his flare gun and fires a shot that reacts with the extra oxygen and explodes. Gusano searches for Karbone in the blaze, and she belittles him before ordering him to save Viras and abandon the other monsters. On their way to their mini-sub, Gusano apologizes for ruining their work, but Karbone tells him that is nonsense as they had saved Viras: the only thing that mattered. Over the Pacific Ocean, Lutz runs out of gas. As his plane begins to sink, he attempts to summon Gamera with the magatama, but begins to drown. When he awakes, he finds himself resuscitated by a member of the French Navy, who puts him under arrest for attempting to disrupt nuclear testing, and puts him in a cell with two environmental activists they had caught. However, after the bomb detonates, the French spy something approaching them incredibly fast on the radar, and Zigra, which they had awoken with their test, attacks them. With the brig punctured, Lutz is able to escape, and even though the amulet is inactive, Gamera arrives. Lutz cheers, but Zigra blasts it with a ray, and Gamera begins to sink into the ocean unconscious. All the while, an alien spaceship approaches Earth.





  • Guanajota Harbor, Mexico




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