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Dark Horse's Godzilla, King of the Monsters
Issue #3
Issue #4
Issue #5
"Godzilla vs. Bagorah"
Cover of issue #4 by Arthur Adams
Written by Kevin Maguire
Cover by Arthur Adams (original)
Bob Eggleton (reprint)
Pencils by Brandon McKinney
Colors by Albert Deschesne
Letters by Pat Owsley
Edits by Robert Vincent Conte
Design by Mark Cox
Dark Horse

"Godzilla vs. Bagorah" is the fourth issue of Dark Horse's Godzilla. It was originally published on September 1, 1995,[1] and reprinted on December 2, 1998, as Dark Horse Classics: Godzilla: King of the Monsters #6.


This issue originally was sold for $2.50.[1] The comic was reprinted in the Godzilla: Age of Monsters collection.


Bagorah the Bat Monster and the artificially created Cybersaur are fighting for the crown of the King of Monsters, but Godzilla isn't ready to retire that title just yet! It's a giant-monster megabattle on the coast of North America, and no one's taking bets on who will be left standing![1]


Godzilla repulses Bagorah, despite being too weak to use his atomic breath. Jets lure the space monster out to sea. As Take' and Dr. Kagaku lead efforts to evacuate Cybersaur's crew, Col. Cameron spies Kate, Reiko, Yoshiwara, and Helzer and orders them arrested.

Bagorah catches one of the jets and after biting one, stops chasing and settles upon a skyscraper in Vancouver. Meanwhile, Godzilla advances on the city. He soon finds Bagorah and the two monsters renew their interrupted battle, Godzilla still too weak to use his fire.

G-Force evacuates Kino from Cybersaur just before the robot's fuel explodes, completely destroying the machine. In Vancouver, Godzilla is finally strong enough to use his flame, blasting Bagorah at point blank range. Severely wounded, the space monster flees and dives into the sea. Godzilla follows Bagorah's example and also heads out to sea.

Later, in a military prison, Col. Cameron questions Professor Yoshiwara. After verifying that no one else can recreate her toxin, Cameron shoots her, telling the guard on duty outside that she has committed suicide.



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