Gorgo Legacy (2024)

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Gorgo Legacy
The cover of Gorgo Legacy
Written by Mac McClintock, Patrick McEvoy
Art by Patrick McEvoy
Publisher Titanic Creations
Publish date Summer 2024
Pages 60
Genre Science fiction, monster
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Gorgo Legacy is an upcoming graphic novel illustrated by Patrick McEvoy, who co-wrote it with Mac McClintock. It will be released by Titanic Creations in the summer of 2024.[1] A prequel to the 1961 giant monster film Gorgo, the comic will retcon that film's events to take place in the same universe as Titanic Creations' other comics.[2][3] It will be followed by two sequel comics.[4]


Toy company Titanic Creations, which created officially-licensed figures of Ogra and Gorgo, announced on November 28, 2022, that it would release a graphic novel "continuing the story of Gorgo" in 2024.[5] Two days later on November 30, the company revealed through tweets that the story would be canon to its original kaiju comics, as well as establish the Gorgo film as being part of the same universe.[6][3]

Over a year later, on January 10, 2024, an email sent to subscribers of Titanic Creations' mailing list revealed the comic's title as Gorgo Legacy and that it would be releasing that March.[7] On February 5, artist Patrick McEvoy posted a collection of inked linework from the comic on Facebook, confirming his involvement and the comic's length of 60 pages, as well as clarifying the story to be a prequel to Gorgo.[2] On March 2, Titanic Creations released the comic's cover art through a tweet, which also confirmed McEvoy and Mac McClintock as its writers and gave an updated release date of summer 2024.[1]






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