Gamera #4

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Gamera issues
Issue #3
Issue #4
"Gamera: The Last Hope"
Cover of issue 4
Story by Dave Chipps
Written by Dave Chipps
Art by Mozart Couto
Colors by Art Knight
Letters by Clem Robins
Edits by Randy Stradley
Sales 9,591 copies[1]
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"Gamera: The Last Hope" is the fourth and final issue of Gamera. It was released on November 1, 1996.


Gamera is supposed to be the Guardian of the Universe, not the protector of life-threatening monsters! So why is he helping a gigantic squid destroy all of Paris? Has the original mutant turtle taken a turn for the worse? Find out in the final issue of this four-issue miniseries! It's giant monster action as you demanded it!


While Viras attacks Paris, Greta Karbone successfully takes control of Gamera's mind, and uses the monster to defend Viras by having it fly into oncoming fire. She does this to prevent damage to Viras for long enough to allow mankind to surrender to the monster. Aboard Freena's ship, Mayumi Nagamine noted that Gamera would not act against humanity of its own accord, and she thus theorized that there must be something wrong. Freena looks into this, and discovers an energy trail flowing between Gamera and the Eiffel Tower. On closer investigation, the group notices that on top of the tower, Karbone and Gusano are there. Nagamine then asks Freena to teleport her to them, and neither she nor Lutz try to argue; however, the engine damage they had sustained had caused damage to the teleporter as well, and she is sent just below Gusano in mid-air. However, Gusano catches her and asks why he should not drop her. Due to the overheating problem, Freena is forced to leave Lutz at the controls of her ship while she goes to repair the engine. With her feeding him directions, he fires an anesthetic at Viras, but misses and puts a military garrison to sleep. Because of the risk Viras presents to the ship, Freena advises Lutz to return to the tower, as if Viras' friends were stationed there, they would be safe. Recalling Nagamine's earlier trickery, Gusano is hesitant to comply, but does so when she tells him to notice the change in Greta. He reveals that he suspects she is brainwashed by Viras, but Nagamine points out that Viras does not care for her the way he does, and will either discard or kill her once she is no longer useful to it. With this in mind, Gusano climbs up to Greta and tears the Atlantean magatama with which she controlled Gamera from her neck, throwing it to the ground. Obsessed with the power, Karbone jumps from the tower. Filled with regret over losing his lover, Gusano leaps from the tower as well, and lands in the open repair hatch on Freena's ship. This causes the thrusters to suddenly engage at full power, and out of Lutz's control. The ship crashes, and as Lutz searches for an exit, he sees Gamera on a viewscreen turning to attack Viras; however, it is electrocuted and downed. Freena then contacts Lutz over the radio and tells him that the main reactor is about to explode. She says goodbye before noticing that something else is amiss. Gusano then lifts the reactor over his head and leaves the wreckage to throw the machine at Gamera, noticing that it needs the flame to live, as he needed Greta. The ensuing explosion takes his life, but rouses Gamera, who then slams Viras with a building before taking one of its tentacles in its mouth and flinging it across the city. Viras is then impaled on a steeple of the Cathedral of Notre Dame. When Lutz is pulled from the wreckage, Gamera is already flying away. Freena disappeared, but Lutz figures she could possibly hide in the world of weird fashions that Paris presented forever. Karbone's body is never found. Mayumi is able to arrange for Lutz's release, and expresses his plan to return to his dog in Guanajota; however, as they walk, Lutz finds Asagi's amulet on the ground and knows what to do next.








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