Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #2

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Godzilla: Rulers of Earth
Issue #1
Issue #2
Issue #3
Cover A of issue #2 by Matt Frank
Story by Chris Mowry, Matt Frank
Written by Chris Mowry
Art by Matt Frank
Colors by Ronda Pattison
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edits by Bobby Curnow
Sales 7,483[1]
Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

"Showdown" is the second issue of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. It was released on August 6, 2013.


While the growing monster population continues to take it's toll on the Earth, an ambitious student, Lucy, has set out with a group of researchers known as "Kaiju Watchers." Though they intended to collect data on Godzilla, they instead find his most deadly foe yet!


In Honolulu, Hawaii, Godzilla and Zilla stomp down the streets as they stare each other down. Once close, the two monsters roar at each other and begin to fight. Godzilla hurls his claws at Zilla, which the smaller creature swiftly dodges. Zilla tries to bite him, but Godzilla hits the monster's head with his fists and tries to finish him off by stomping on his head. Just as Godzilla slams his foot down on the ground, Zilla moves his head out of the way and scratches his rival, making him visibly bleed. Godzilla retaliates by biting Zilla's tail and tossing him into a building. Godzilla immediately fires his atomic breath at the building, but to his surprise, there's a giant hole where the building stood.

While the two monsters battle, Steven Woods contacts Chavez and asks for his whereabouts, to which he responds that he is still escorting Lucy Casprell to the safe zone. Lucy begins stating the stats she got about Zilla: a bipedal creature estimated to be 200 feet in height, with a large snout, and dorsal fins on his back. Chavez states that they're actually called "scutes". When Lucy asks him how he knows that, Chavez simply states that one learns a thing or two when fighting these creatures. They make it to the safe zone, and Chavez drops off Lucy. As Chavez tells Woods he's on his way back, Zilla emerges from the road right in front of him. Godzilla spots Zilla charging right at him from behind and bites down on his neck, causing him to bleed. Military helicopters fire missiles at Godzilla, causing him to let go of Zilla's neck. As Woods tells the choppers to proceed with their attack run, he orders his men to aim at the monsters' eyes, as it may be their only weak point. Woods has a flashback to when he joined the team, and remembers how he was asked if he was the Woods whose family was killed by a Kaiju attack--Godzilla to be exact--and is told that they don't want anyone with ulterior motives in the team, such as revenge or any vendettas. Woods asks them if they know anyone else who took down three monsters with a giant robot with a little girl as their co-pilot, and they accept him.

Back in the present day, Zilla and Godzilla resume their fighting. Zilla bites down on Godzilla's arm, but the King of the Monsters slams him down with his tail. Zilla then burrows underground once more and makes a hole under Godzilla, causing him fall into it. Zilla then surfaces elsewhere, where he is greeted with missiles to the neck. Zilla retreats from the missile salvo, just as a blast of atomic breath comes from under the hole. Confused, Zilla turns around and finds the hole seemingly empty. Zilla continues to wander around and look for signs of Godzilla. Zilla smells around and walks towards a building when Godzilla suddenly breaks right through the building, taking him by surprise. Godzilla grabs Zilla by the throat and begins to charge his atomic breath. However, the military approaches behind Zilla and fires another missile salvo. Zilla uses his quick reflexes to move his head out of the way, making the missiles hit Godzilla, forcing him to release his smaller rival and allow him to retreat into the ocean. Woods tells his men to follow Zilla and see if he surfaces as they stand fast on Godzilla. Godzilla then walks off as the relief effort starts. Woods contacts Chavez, who says that there's something he needs to show him. As Godzilla dives into the ocean, Woods considers the fact that if Godzilla spent any longer with Zilla, the King of Monsters would've surely killed him.

Meanwhile, in the Flores Hotel's emergency shelter, Lucy meets Professor Kenji Ando. Ando chastises her for running outside so recklessly, but is nonetheless impressed with Lucy's schooling and "charisma". Ando asks her to join a Kaiju investigation team, much to her excitement. Lucy accepts his offer and Ando introduces her to the other members of the group, which includes Jeremy, Kristina Sumres, Shawn Lelonzo, Kyle Fellows, Shannon Nunez, Marcia Marshall, and Jason Ford. Back outside, Woods and Chavez meet up as they assess the hole in the ground that Zilla made. Chavez tells Woods that he saw something fall off of Zilla's skin, and it appears to be a claw from an unidentified giant crustacean. They load it up for the lab as Woods tells him about the battle, stating that Zilla managed to take a big chunk out of Godzilla's skin despite being overpowered. With all these samples, Woods states that they're due for a visit to the lab in San Diego. Meanwhile, a Cryog spaceship can be seen viewing the Earth and the commander known as Rhizon speaks with the Devonian spokesman, who tells him that they were "not ready" and that something had "escaped". Rhizon replies by asking what exactly escaped.



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  • The retailer incentive cover depicts Gigan attacking Area 51 to free the Millennian UFO, which would not be depicted within the series until issue 6; Gigan does not appear within the issue itself. Also of note, the cover depicts Gigan in his Showa era design, while issue 6 would use his Millennium era design during this scene.


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