Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #11

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Godzilla: Rulers of Earth
Issue #10
Issue #11
Issue #12
"The Devils and the Deep"
Cover A of issue #11 by Matt Frank
Story by Chris Mowry, Matt Frank
Written by Chris Mowry
Art by Matt Frank
Colors by Priscilla Tramontano
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edits by Bobby Curnow
Sales 6,917[1]
Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

"The Devils and the Deep" is the eleventh issue of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. It was released on April 23, 2014.


Undersea adventure awaits! The Devonian threat has been identified, and monsters across the globe converge in the depths of the ocean! As the humans test new weapons and methods, Godzilla will be forced to face some of his most fearsome foes!


In Paris, France, Baragon emerges from underneath the Arc de Triomphe after being driven to the surface by the CKR via underground explosions. When the red monster fully surfaces, he's met with the newly-rebuilt and upgraded Kiryu. The mech's pilot is reminded that deadly force is authorized, but they'd prefer not to let it devolve into that. Baragon responds to this new threat by blasting it with his fire breath and biting into its midsection. Kiryu shakes the creature off by elbowing him in the back of his head. Baragon gets another shot of his fire breath in before Kiryu flies up into the air and bombards him with rockets. With Baragon disoriented, Kiryu grabs his horn and socks him in the face, rendering the monster unconscious. Dr. Allison asks if Baragon's still alive, and when the pilot confirms it, he orders for the monster's mouth to be closed shut before the mech wraps around him with cables and flies off to bring him to the Monster Islands. Allison reports that a refueling ship will be at the drop-off point and asks the pilot how she learned to punch like that, to which she replies that she saw footage of Jet Jaguar during the battle in Los Vegas. The professor jokes that he'll have to tell Yumi Negata that before asking if the crew on the Monster Islands is ready. Steven Woods tells him that they've already picked out an island near Sanda and Gaira, but not too close that they'll want to fight each other. Lucy Casprell says that the creature is called Baragon and notes how similar his nose horn is to Godzilla's dorsal spines, as both glow up before the monsters fire their beam attacks, to which Kristina Sumres adds that it could be like a power source. Allison then informs Woods and Lucy that the Monster Kill Crew had finished developed special underwater sonar versions of the "headache gun" and that several Pacific fleet submarines have been equipped with them in the hope that they'll stop any undersea attacks, though corralling the monsters with them isn't out of the question. Meanwhile, a submarine near the Monster Islands locates Godzilla, who's floating underwater as if waiting for something. The chief says that he'll report this to the captain and notes that orders are changing all the time, so they'll need Godzilla as a target. He orders the sailor to keep an ear out and tell him if anything comes their way.

In the Devonian capital city, the Devonian king is informed that Godzilla has been located near the islands that held Biollante. When the king asks what interests him so much about the place, his general tells him that he doesn't know and that the humans have been building structures and perimeters to house the planet's monsters. When asked what defenses the humans have, the general says that they've have amassed a large fleet that's circling the island chain and asks if they should attack. The king realizes that this means the coastlines are unprotected and sees this as an excellent opportunity to destroy Godzilla and cripple the humans' fleet in one attack. The islands will be razed and Godzilla will kill the monsters inhabiting the area. After the humans are destroyed, Godzilla will be next. He states that the humans will fear the seas and when the monsters force them to the coastlines, they'll be easy pickings for the Devonians. The king tells his soldiers that the time has come for them to attack. Humanity will no longer trespass on their domain. He tells his army that if any there's even one of them that's unable to fight, they should let themselves be known.

Meanwhile, at the CKR facility in San Diego, Allison is brought in to speak to the Devonian refugee that gave himself up to human authorities. When the general on site notes that he's nervous, Allison simply states that it's difficult to return after his encounter with the Cryogs. The refugee tells Allison that he's admired his species's intelligence and adaptability. Allison explains that he's not a medical doctor but one that specializes in studying Kaiju. When he asks the refugee if he's familiar with the term, the alien confirms it and explains that his people had used them to ignite a war with humanity, one that they'll win if allowed. Allison asks what he means by "if allowed" and about the war, to which the Devonian explains that his kind have lived peacefully under Earth's oceans for millions of years, but when the current king came to power, he created an army and killed anyone who opposed him. The survivors grew to serve him and anyone who questioned his rule were hunted down and executed. He came to despise humanity as they continually dumped nuclear waste and other debris into the ocean. After a Cryog ship crashed into the ocean, the Devonian king was angered that their technology was more advanced than his own kind's. He killed the crew of the ship and salvaged their technology. Using this new advanced technology, he took control of several monsters that lived underwater and set forth to use them to attack humanity, However, his true plan was to wipe out humanity by detonating the Cryog ship on the surface. Allison tells the alien that he saw a Cryog ship crash into a mountain and that if they're anything like the ones that attacked Las Vegas, "then good riddance to them." The Devonian refugee says that he doesn't know what Allison is referring to and suggests that maybe they were under mind control. He begs the human that the Devonian city must be destroyed. If saving humanity means losing the Devonian species, then "so be it." He asks Allison if he knows what it's like to see those he cares about killed and to be lucky to survive, to which the human replies "all too well". Allison asks how humanity can strike at an enemy they know nothing about, as they don't even know where they live, and the Devonian simply states that he'll show them.

Back in the Pacific Ocean, near the Monster Islands, Godzilla wakes up as multiple signatures are detected by the nearby subs. The chief says that they need to alert the fleet and asks where they're coming from, to which the radar technician says that they seem to be "rising from down below." Godzilla finds himself under attack by Manda and Gezora, who use their coils and tentacles, respectively, to restrain him as Destoroyah gores him with his horn, opening a massive gash in his midsection. Godzilla blasts Gezora off of him with his atomic breath and slams Manda into Destoroyah with his tail, only to get punched in the face by Titanosaurus. Godzilla bites into the aquatic dinosaur's neck while Manda responds in kind. The King of Monsters throws Titanosaurus into Destoroyah before blasting Manda with his atomic breath. Meanwhile, back on the USS Simon, Woods reports to the admiral that the monsters are right below them and that they need to evacuate the islands. He also needs Kiryu off of the USS Simon, as if the robot won't survive being knocked into the water. The admiral tells him that there's no time and that they've already started their attack, much to Woods's frustration. When Chavez asks what's wrong, Woods tells him about the battle going on and that the higher ups have ordered an attack using the sonar guns. When Chavez asks if the guns will work, Woods says that they'll either work or drive the monsters right into the facility. The submarines' sonic guns fire on the monsters, forcing Manda, Gezora, and Titanosaurus to retreat as Godzilla grabs onto the aquatic dinosaur's ankle and follows him. However, Destoroyah splits apart into several juvenile forms. Back at the surface, Lucy and Kristina take pictures with Kiryu as Woods warns them that they need to get to shore. However, as he tells them this, the Destoroyahs climb on board the ship. The admiral tells the subs to stand fast and await changing orders as Allison and the refugee keep track of the monsters heading down into the Devonian city. The admiral states that they've located the Devonians and that they're going to "bring the whole thing down."



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