Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #7

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Godzilla: Rulers of Earth
Issue #6
Issue #7
Issue #8
"Viva Jet Jaguar"
Cover A of issue #7 by Matt Frank
Story by Chris Mowry, Matt Frank
Written by Chris Mowry
Art by Matt Frank, Jeff Zornow,
Mostaffa Mousa (inking assistant)
Colors by Priscilla Tramontano
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edits by Bobby Cornow
Sales 6,587[1]
Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

"Viva Jet Jaguar" is the issue of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. It was released on December 13, 2013.


Who...or what, is Jet Jaguar? The size-changing robot has appeared mysteriously, but is he friend or foe? As the alien attack on Earth ramps up, Jet Jaguar holds the balance of power in his hands!


In the aftermath of battle against Gigan and Orga in Las Vegas, Steven Woods uses Chavez's radio to contact Professor Allison and demands to know what Jet Jaguar is. Allison tells him to calm down and that Yumi Nagata, consultant for their robotics division and head of the Jet Jaguar Project, can hear him. When Allison asks what the robot's doing, Chavez tells him that he exploded out of Orga and is currently staring down Godzilla. When Woods warns Allison that now would be a good time to tell them if Jet Jaguar will go berserk as well, the professor tells him that they should be fine as long as Godzilla doesn't provoke him. Godzilla fires an atomic blast at Jet Jaguar, much to Woods's annoyance, but Jet Jaguar dodges it and the two turn their attention to Gigan. Jet Jaguar and Godzilla fight the cyborg together, with the King of Monsters knocking him down with his tail. They stomp on Gigan while he's down and Godzilla rips the tip of his tail off as Jet Jaguar kicks him into a building. As Godzilla continues attacking Gigan, Jet Jaguar notices Orga beginning to regenerate and stomps on his remains. The Cryog leader Rhizon exclaims that of all the planets, Jet Jaguar shows up on Earth. One of his subordinates tells him that Orga is still alive and is regenerating. Rhizon orders them to send out their last containment vessel to recover the alien until he fully recovers and to tell the Devonians of their imminent arrival. When asked about what to do with Gigan, he orders for him to be summoned to the ship as well, but notes that the cyborg won't want to retreat just yet, as he's too focused on the fight for his own good.

Gigan blasts Godzilla with his laser eye and cuts into his neck with his scythes. Gigan prepares to finish off Godzilla when Star Falcon shoots at at his back, distracting him. The pilots tell Woods that the Land Moguera team is standing by and that they'll keep the monsters busy until his team comes up with another plan. When the head pilot notes of a mass growing near Jet Jaguar and asks to investigate, but Woods declines the request and tells them that they'll need a damage assessment and help getting to survivors. Woods tells them to let the monsters sort things out decides that he and Chavez will look at what Jet Jaguar is doing nearby with an Ice Box in tow. When they arrive, they see Orga regenerating as Jet Jaguar keeps stomping on the growing mass of flesh. The Cryog containment vessel shoots Jet Jaguar down with its cannon, incapacitating the robot. The ship proceeds to retrieve Orga's organic material along with Woods and Chavez before before flying away. The vessel distracts Godzilla, allowing Gigan to stab Godzilla's foot with his scythe. Godzilla retaliates with two blasts of his his atomic breath, forcing the cyborg to retreat. Godzilla proceeds to destroy the surrounding city before Jet Jaguar steps in front of him and tries to calm him down. However, Godzilla blasts the robot with another shot of his atomic breath before slamming him down with his tail. Jet Jaguar retaliates by punching Godzilla in the face, knocking him unconscious. The robot grabs the King of Monsters by the tail and flies to the middle of the ocean before dropping him into the water.

After the battle, Allison orders for Woods' squad and the MOGUERA team secure the area and to let him know when they find Woods. He proceeds to tell Yumi that the western coast's entire military is on standby in case Jet Jaguar goes rogue, to which she replies that he won't attack them. When Allison asks what happened, Yumi explains that after what happened in San Diego, she summoned him to protect the robot. But when their base in Nevada was attacked, Jet Jaguar escaped on his own. She states that when her grandfather adopted her, he told him to keep Jet Jaguar a secret. Over the years, she continued her studies in robotics and that her grandfather feared the day that the robot would use his abilities, for only he knew of its true origin and mission. However, Yumi never found out what that was as her grandfather was killed in Godzilla's first attack on humanity and she decided to volunteer in the US government's projects out of a desire to help rather than for revenge. She left when they decided to further weaponize Mechagodzilla and Jet Jaguar remained dormant in the lab. She theorizes that the alien attack was what finally woke Jet Jaguar up and that her grandfather once said that she would one day see just what Jet Jaguar was. Allison responds by asking if she expects the U.S. government to believe he's a good guy considering all that's happened and that while Jet Jaguar's been helpful so far, if he's on a mission Yumi doesn't know about, they're "gonna have problems". Yumi acknowledges this and says the robot hasn't responded to her calls before telling him that their guests, Dr. Kenji Ando and his team of megazoologists, have been waiting for them.

Meanwhile, in the Cryogs' ship, Rhizon informs the Devonian King that they're currently descending to the island. The Devonian tells Rhizon that they've made great progress on "the specimen" and that he'll be very pleased. The Cryog leader responds that only when the planet has been conquered will he be pleased, with the Devonian correcting him and says they'll have their half of the planet. After the transmission cuts, Rhizon reveals that they'll destroy the planet's entire populace, including the Devonians. A subordinate asks him about what will happen if the Devonians find out, as the Cryogs would be outmatched against them in an all-out war. Rhizon states that while their resources are limited, Gigan and Orga are too powerful for them. He admits that the arrival of Jet Jaguar was unexpected and that they must find a way to destroy him, pondering if Godzilla would be able to help them. Another Cryog shows up and brings Rhizon to the containment vessel, saying that Orga is regenerating, but "something else" is inside. As Woods and Chavez try to find a way to escape, a hole opens up under their feet. They land right in front of the Rhizon, who welcomes them aboard and tells them that they're allowed to scream while they can. When Woods talks back at him, Rhizon chokes him with his tentacles and ponders what they should do with the humans. However, a subordinate reports that the ship is under attack as Jet Jaguar arrives, punching a hole into the ship.



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  • King Caesar makes absolutely no kind of appearance but is included with the other monsters in the trademark icons.

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