Lucy Casprell

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Lucy Casprell
Lucy Casprell
Species Human
Nationality American
Affiliation Kenji Ando's Kaiju Watchers team,
Counter-Kaiju Reaction Forces,
Monster Islands Research Team
Occupation Megazoologist
Related to Kristina Sumres (wife)
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #1 "Thinking on Our Feet"

Lucy Casprell is the main protagonist of IDW Publishing's 2013-2015 comic series Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. A passionate young kaiju researcher, Lucy joins a kaiju investigation team that leads her to have numerous encounters with the various monsters of Earth. She later becomes a member of the Monster Islands Research Team.


Lucy Casprell is a sweet and energetic individual with a deep adoration and respect for life in all its forms, demonstrating an unrivaled enthusiasm for kaiju in particular. She can be brave and fearless to a fault, voluntarily throwing herself into potentially perilous situations in the pursuit of knowledge and discovery. She is also quite selfless, to the point where she is willing to put her own life on the line not just for the sake of those around her, but even the kaiju as well, as highlighted when she ran into a collapsing military base to save Gaira from containment. Lucy's dedication in studying kaiju appears to be born mostly out of a desire to help create a world in which humanity can better learn to live alongside them rather than simply oppose them - a world in which all life is treated equal.


Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #1

An avid kaiju enthusiast, Lucy ventured to Honolulu, Hawaii for the first annual International Megazoology Conference hosted by Dr. Kenji Ando. While the conference was underway, the new kaiju Zilla coincidentally made landfall on Honolulu's shores, at which point Lucy resolved to document the new monster with her camera while everyone else evacuated. The rash decision nearly resulted in Zilla crushing Lucy as she filmed him, and when she finally realized the danger she was in, she attempted to run, only to be knocked to the ground. Before Zilla could eat her, she was saved by the arrival of Steven Woods and the Counter-Kaiju Reaction Forces, who drove Zilla back while Steven chastised Lucy for her actions. CKR member Chavez then attempted to evacuate Lucy to a shelter - but not before they witnessed the arrival of Godzilla.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #2

As Zilla and Godzilla turned the city into a battleground, Lucy continued filming the action as much as possible while Chavez escorted her to the shelter. In the aftermath of the battle, Dr. Ando, having witnessed Lucy's determination in documenting the new kaiju and having been impressed by what he could only describe as her "charisma", offered her a position on his own kaiju investigation team alongside fellow Megazoologists Jeremy, Kristina Sumres, Shawn Lelonzo, Kyle Fellows, Shannon Nunez, Marcia Marshall, and Jason Ford; Lucy enthusiastically accepted the unique opportunity.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #4

Lucy and Dr. Ando's team journeyed to Beijing, China, to investigate reports of a new kaiju. While at the airport, the team witnessed a news report of Godzilla battling Destoroyah with Mothra and her larvae. With multiple new kaiju suddenly emerging within a matter of days, Lucy theorized that there must be a reason for their appearances - and that Godzilla himself may be that reason. Later, the team arrived at the Huanren Reservoir and bore witness to the arrival of Varan, with Chinese authorities informing them that Varan was not the kaiju they were there to investigate.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #5

Lucy discovers the captive Gaira

While the Chinese military engaged Varan, Lucy and Dr. Ando's team attempted to flee. Amidst the chaos, Lucy managed to save Kristina from being trampled on by the lizard kaiju and led her to safety, barely escaping Varan's wrath until the arrival of Rodan gave them the opportunity to evacuate with the others. Authorities ushered the group into a secret military base hidden in a mountain. As the battle outside intensified, Lucy was knocked down a flight of stairs into a deeper section of the facility, where she discovered a captive kaiju being held in a large containment tank. Authorities then captured Lucy, with their commander divulging more details about the captive monster they called Gaira as well as the one Lucy's group were originally tasked to find in the region - Sanda. Lucy was then returned to her team, where she informed Dr. Ando of what she had discovered. Dr. Ando confronted the commander, who punched Ando in the face as he was defending Lucy. Just then, Varan and Rodan's battle sent them crashing into the facility, with Lucy taking advantage of the chaos to free Gaira from his containment before meeting back up with her team to evacuate. As they fled the site, Lucy saw Sanda in the distance reaching out towards Gaira as Varan flew the green Gargantua overhead and out to sea.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #7

Drs. Allison and Yumi Nagata arranged to meet with Dr. Ando's team after the group left China.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #8

Lucy and her team of Megazoologists, alongside Drs. Allison and Nagata, were transferred to a naval fleet that had assembled near the uncharted island chain where Godzilla had recently battled another new kaiju, with Lucy telling Dr. Ando that she had finished writing a report on the events that happened in China. Just as Dr. Ando revealed that their team was there to identify the new kaiju, the fleet suddenly came under attack by Titanosaurus, Gezora, and Manda.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #9

Titanosaurus smashed the deck of the aircraft carrier that held Dr. Ando's team, knocking Lucy overboard. Sometime later, Lucy awakened on the shore of an unknown island. As she ventured deeper into the island, she was greeted by the Shobijin, who explained that she was on Infant Island as they led her to Mothra's temple, where Mothra and her twin larvae were resting. There, the Shobijin explained the history of the kaiju on Earth, describing a natural power balance the monsters were meant to maintain. They told Lucy of several kaiju uprisings and battles that disrupted this balance in the past, including a particularly devastating one between Earth’s ancient guardian King Caesar and Megalon that nearly resulted in the extinction of humanity. Observing a large cave mural within the temple, Lucy noticed that the mural divided the kaiju into specific categories based on the elements, at which point the Shobijin revealed the purported existence of an unknown category of monsters absent from the mural - one with the power to throw the natural balance into disarray once more. Lucy concluded that this mystery element was referring to the space monsters, whose presence on Earth was responsible for causing the kaiju to rise up again in the present. Praising Lucy's intellect and strength of spirit, the Shobijin requested that Lucy warn the Earth's leaders of the great dangers threatening the planet in the form of the Devonian aliens deep beneath the ocean's surface, and that Godzilla may be their only hope. With humans failing to heed their warnings during the previous space invasion, the Shobijin believed that Lucy could serve as an ambassador for them who the rest of the world would actually listen to. With that, Lucy was brought to Mothra; after touching Mothra's fur, Lucy was enveloped in a blinding light. She later awoke in a lifeboat with Steven Woods, who recognized her from Honolulu, with Lucy warning him of the coming threats she had learned of.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #10

Aboard the USS Simon, after writing up a report on what she had learned from the Shobijin, Lucy was present alongside Kristina and remaining members of her team as Drs. Ando, Allison, and Nagata held a meeting with world leaders to discuss plans of establishing a containment facility for the world's rapidly-expanding monster population. The intended site, dubbed the Monster Islands, was to be established on the island chain where Godzilla had battled Biollante, with Dr. Ando's investigation team planning to aide efforts to survey the islands. However, upon hearing news of Gaira and Sanda's arrival in Australia, Lucy instead tagged along with Steven, Chavez, and their CKR team as they were dispatched there, feeling responsible for the Gargantuas since she was the one who freed Gaira from containment. Though the CKR intended on capturing the Gargantuas, their efforts were nearly upended by the unexpected arrival of Godzilla, who engaged the twin monsters in battle. As she filmed the battle with her camera, Lucy urged Steven and his forces to concentrate their firepower at Godzilla's head to save the Gargantuas, which ultimately allowed them to gain the upper hand and send Godzilla into retreat. With Lucy's help, the Gargantuas were safely captured without further incident, becoming the first residents on the new Monster Islands.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #11

After Lucy reunited with her team on the USS Simon, Steven consulted her and Kristina on another recently captured kaiju, Baragon, as he was being transported to the Monster Islands. Later, as Lucy, Kristina, and Jason were relaxing on deck, the USS Simon was suddenly attacked by an army of Juvenile Destoroyahs, having been sent by the Devonians.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #12

As the Destoroyahs swarmed the ship, Chavez and Steven attempted to escort Lucy and her friends below deck. However, the soldiers were quickly overwhelmed by the creatures, causing Lucy to return and use one of their sonar guns to blast one of the Destoroyahs away from Chavez and Steven, saving their lives. Jet Jaguar arrived to help defend the USS Simon from the unified Destoroyah with the aid of Mechagodzilla, at which point Chavez warned Lucy of the military's plan to bury the Devonian kingdom below them and the monsters that were down there with it - including Godzilla. After Jet Jaguar defeated Destoroyah, Lucy told the robot of Godzilla's location, hoping that Jet Jaguar would save him. Ultimately, Jet Jaguar was unable to make it in time, with both the Devonian capital and Godzilla being lost in the battle. In the aftermath, Lucy visited the injured Steven and thanked Chavez for everything he had done for her before meeting with Dr. Ando, who told Lucy of his plans to help the CKR establish a base on the Monster Islands. Dr. Ando then offered Lucy the opportunity to work on the islands, which she did not hesitate to accept, excited by the prospect of studying the kaiju up close.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #13

Lucy in the CKR command center on the Monster Islands

In the years that followed, Lucy officially joined the CKR and the Monster Islands Research Team, becoming a full-time resident of the islands alongside Chavez, Kristina, and Jason. Four years after the fall of the Devonian kingdom, the Monster Islands were home to Sanda, Gaira, Baragon, Rodan, and Kumonga. One day, Lucy awoke from a dream involving the still-missing Godzilla and was later informed of the return of Zilla, who had been spotted swimming around the islands but had yet to venture onto land.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #14

At the CKR command center on the Monster Islands, Lucy was informed of recent seismic activity detected in Russia, and was later shown footage of a bloodied and seemingly dead Anguirus in the area. An investigative team was assembled to discover what had happened to the fallen kaiju, which included Lucy, Chavez, Kristina, and Jason, with the Mechagodzilla team set to meet them there. Upon arriving in the Kamchatka Peninsula, Lucy and Kristina gathered evidence from around the kaiju's body, with Kristina claiming that she had witnessed Anguirus move. Following Mechagodzilla's arrival, the team discovered that not only was Anguirus still alive, but he also had several unidentifiable missiles embedded within his underbelly, which Chavez took to mean that something was "hunting kaiju." Unbeknownst to the team, the culprit was actually one of many new Mechagodzilla units that had been secretly built by the Cryog aliens.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #15

Chavez and Lucy’s team were informed that they were to transport Anguirus to a new facility elsewhere in Russia instead of the Monster Islands. En route, the helicopter escort accompanying the CKR’s Mechagodzilla and Anguirus suddenly came under assault by the Cryog's Mechagodzilla units, which shot down the helicopter carrying Lucy along with the rest of the CKR’s fleet just outside of the facility.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #16

Having survived the ambush, Chavez, Lucy, Kristina, and Jason escaped the wreckage and prepared to tend to the injured survivors before being surrounded by the Spetsnaz. The group soon heard the roar of Godzilla as the Cryog brought him to the nearby facility to battle their Mechagodzillas and Mecha-King Ghidorah, revealing to the team that the King of the Monsters had returned. With the help of Anguirus, Godzilla emerged victorious. Lucy and remaining CKR forces later established temporary shelters as they awaited the arrival of the recovery team sent by Steven.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #17

While the Spetsnaz escorted survivors out of the wreckage of the nearby facility, Lucy called the group’s attention to two remaining Mechagodzilla units escaping into space along with what Chavez identified as a Cryog ship, finally exposing who was behind the recent madness. Soon after, Lucy took pity on two mysterious and unconscious twin girls who had been rescued from the facility and joined the twins’ hands together, which caused her to experience a terrifying psychic vision of an apocalyptic future in which Godzilla, King Caesar, and Mothra’s larvae were fending off a full-scale invasion of Earth by Cryog forces. The experience caused Lucy to faint, though she was tended to by Chavez and Kristina. Lucy eventually recovered and the team was extracted from Russia. Weeks later, Lucy, Kristina, and Jason journeyed to São Paulo, Brazil, to investigate reports of kaiju eggs that had been collected and brought into the city. Lucy, who has had trouble focusing ever since the encounter with the twins, began studying the eggs until she was suddenly overcome with pain stemming from another strange psychic experience.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #18

As Lucy collapsed from the strain of the psychic influence brought upon by the twins, the eggs began to hatch, revealing Meganulon. The Meganulon wasted no time in attacking nearby civilians, prompting Jason to hand his camera off to Kristina so he could carry Lucy away while she was still trying to shake off the incident. However, when a Meganulon threatened Kristina, Lucy managed to recover and kicked the Meganulon in the head. Before the creature could retaliate, Godzilla arrived on the scene in the midst of battle with a new kaiju Lucy would later identify as Ebirah. With Godzilla bringing his fight to land and buildings crumbling around them, the trio at last managed to flee the rapidly increasing chaos by borrowing a truck. They then witnessed the arrival of yet another new kaiju Lucy identified as Megaguirus. Once the group was a safe distance away, Kristina attempted to comfort the distressed Lucy, who warned her friends of what the Shobijin had told her years ago - that the kaiju in the past had risen up to defend the natural balance of Earth from an outside force. With more kaiju appearing now, Lucy feared that the planet was in peril once again. After Megaguirus carried Godzilla away, the team joined up with the military and returned to the city to offer aid to survivors, with Jason promising Steven that he would keep an eye on the women.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #19

After the fall of Infant Island at the hands of Battra, the Shobijin sought refuge on the Monster Islands, where they warned Steven that Lucy was in great danger brought about by the psychic twins who had compromised her mind - Minette and Mallory.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #20

Steven called Lucy to inform her that he was having her team extracted from Brazil, but stopped short of relaying the Shobijin's warning in efforts to protect her, despite their protests.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #21

En route to San Diego, Lucy received another call from Steven, who informed her of the loss of the Monster Islands to a horde of new alien monsters known as the Trilopods that were landing across the planet and hunting all of Earth’s kaiju. Steven told her that he was having her flight rerouted to Japan, where they were to regroup at Dr. Kenji Ando’s lab. He also revealed that the Shobijin needed her help once more to seek out and awaken another kaiju - the ancient guardian King Caesar.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #22

Lucy, Kristina, and Jason arrived at Dr. Ando’s lab just in time to see a live news report of the massive Trilopod hive landing in Los Angeles, where they witnessed a pack of Trilopods attack the incapacitated Godzilla, absorb his DNA, and use it change into Godzilla-Trilopod hybrids.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #23

Lucy, Kristina, & Jason run from Battra

Lucy, Kristina, Jason, the Shobijin, and a group of CKR soldiers were dispatched to Okinawa, where they found what was believed to be the resting place of King Caesar in the side of a cliff. Upon detonating charges they had set, the group successfully uncovered the dormant King Caesar. Lucy, knowing how dire the situation was and that Steven and Chavez were heading into danger by journeying to Los Angeles to fight the Trilopods, quickly became frustrated and despondent when the guardian failed to wake, despite assurances from the Shobijin that they simply needed to have faith that King Caesar would know what to do. Just as Jason and Kristina tried to console Lucy, the CKR detected Battra, who was seeking out the Shobijin at the behest of the vengeful Minette and Mallory. Battra made short work of the CKR forces before closing in on Lucy and her group, where the twins revealed themselves and prepared to kill the lot. Before Battra could finish the job, however, the revived King Caesar suddenly appeared and stopped him, allowing Lucy's group to flee. The twins gave chase, which coincided with the arrival of a Trilopod hunting pod – though King Caesar once more protected the team by killing a Trilopod. While Minette and Mallory briefly gained the upper hand by incapacitating Jason and restraining the girls, they were abruptly abandoned by Battra, allowing Lucy and Kristina to take advantage of the stunned twins and fight them off while helping Jason to his feet. King Caesar then took the group into his hand as the Shobijin told Lucy to trust the guardian, who promptly killed the twins and allowed himself to be captured by the Trilopods so that they would be brought to their hive.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #25

Having arrived at the Trilopod hive in Los Angeles, Lucy, Kristina, Jason, and the Shobijin were freed from the hunting pod by King Caesar, who immediately began liberating other captive kaiju trapped within the hive. Lucy then called Steven, who was overjoyed to learn that she was safe and called off all strikes against the Trilopod hive until he could extract the group. After freeing all of the kaiju, King Caesar broke out of the hive and led the monsters out to aid Godzilla, giving Steven and Chavez an opening into the hive to rescue Lucy’s team. While they were extracting the team, the Cryog released Magita from the hive, forcing Steven to push Lucy out of the way to safety while he was crushed beneath Magita. While searching for Steven amidst the massive battle, Lucy believed that she felt Godzilla growing stronger, which the Shobijin confirmed to be true - though they warned that Godzilla may not survive this fight. After Godzilla killed Magita, Lucy, Kristina, Jason, and Chavez located the fatally injured Steven and stayed with him as he succumbed to his injuries, at which point they witnessed the weary Godzilla give out one last roar before he disappeared beneath the waves.

In the wake of the great battle, the kaiju dispersed and disappeared across the globe. Lucy would go on to marry Kristina and later penned an essay detailing what she had learned from the Shobijin - that there will always be forces to defend the planet, that good will always prevail, and that those who love life and all of its beauty will always be the true "rulers of Earth."

"Thinking On Our Feet"

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In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flagicon Japan.png Japanese ルーシー・カスプレル
Rūshī Kasupureru
Transliteration of English name


  • Lucy and her wife Kristina Sumres are the first queer female characters in the Godzilla franchise.
  • Concept art reveals that Lucy had given her shark tooth necklace to Kristina as a gift at some point during the four-year gap between the events of issues #12 and #13. Kristina can be seen wearing the necklace in a few panels in the final issues of the comic, as well as on the cover of Godzilla: Complete Rulers of Earth Volume 2.


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