Ota Murakami

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Ota Murakami
Ota Murakami in 2002: The End of the World
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Anti-Megalosaurus Force Soldier
Related to None
First appearance Godzilla: The Half-Century War Issue 1

Captain Ota Murakami is a protagonist in IDW Publishing's 2012 comic series Godzilla: The Half-Century War.


Godzilla: The Half-Century War

Japan, 1954

Lieutenant Murakami was stationed in Shinigawa, Japan with Kentaro Yoshihara to combat some Bad Weather in the city. Only 23 months into his enlistment, and being totally unprepared for such a threat, Ota ordered his division to fire on the monster, which turned its attention to them, but resulted in most of the unit being wiped out by the Atomic Ray. With only Ota and Yoshihara left, they attempted to contact their superiors, but could not transmit. After learning that the division that was assigned to protect civilians had been wiped out, so Ota and Ken used their tank to distract Godzilla and draw his attention away from the crowd. After they barely escaped with their lives, Godzilla was lured into the bay and killed by a scientist under circumstances identical to those of Daisuke Serizawa. Shortly after the attack, they were approached by the American Colonel Schooler, who invited Ota and Ken to the Anti-Megalosaurus Force, after discovering that either a new Godzilla, or the Godzilla they thought they had killed had returned. Ota agreed, and Ken reluctantly followed, and started Ota's 50 year obsession with Godzilla.

Vietnam, 1967

Thirteen years later in war-torn Vietnam, Ota was tasked with luring Godzilla into a line of Maser Cannons, which were awaiting their trial run. He had expressed to Schooler that Southeast Asia was outside of Godzilla's normal area of activity, and that the directness of the route he had taken made it seem like he was chasing something, but before they could think of a reason, Godzilla attacked. Right beneath the line of Masers, a new monster, later named Anguirus emerged. Ota decided to allow them to weaken one another before finishing them off with the Masers, but a Miliraty official shelled them, causing Anguirus to retreat, and Godzilla to begin to return to its native Japan. When the smoke cleared, Schooler discovered weaponized, stolen AMF technology that had lured Godzilla to Vietnam.

Ghana, 1975

After Vietnam, more monsters including, Rodan, Battra, Megalon, Kumonga, Mothra, Hedorah, Ebirah, and countless others began appearing around the world. The AMF then expanded to accommodate two-person teams dedicated to each monster. Ota and Ken were assigned to Godzilla, but in Accra, Ghana, the mentioned monsters converged and leveled the city with their quarrel. The AMF hid in an abandoned hotel, while Ota watched the carnage. The stolen technology from Vietnam was revealed to be the work of Doctor Deverich, an AMF scientist who went missing after his Monster repelling technology was labeled a failure. He then reverse engineered it to create a beacon, and used it to bring most if not all of the Earth's monsters into action. After spotting a TV station with lights on, the AMF drove to it through the fighting, and discovered from some armed guards that Deverich was inside. When they attacked him, he boosted his machine's signal strength and all monsters converged on the TV station, allowing Deverich to escape in the confusion.

Bombay, 1987

By Ota's 30th year of Monster hunting, the AMF had been reduced to tracking and predicting where monsters would appear and minimizing damage when they appeared. Ota and Ken were still together, and during an attack on Bombay, they witnessed the AMF's new weapon, Mechagodzilla. While smoking a cigarette outside of he and Ken's monitor van, Ota noticed Deverich carrying two suitcases in the crowd. He reported this and pursued him on foot. After witnessing him hand the suitcases to two other men, Ota held him at gunpoint before seeing that Deverich had perfected his device, and improved its range. Immediately after that, a large crystal formation appeared in the sky, and Another Godzilla fell from the sky. It quickly took out Mechagodzilla, but Ota was able to get it running long enough to take out the crystals that SpaceGodzilla was manipulating to defend itself against Godzilla. This allowed Godzilla to destroy SpaceGodzilla, which made Ota feel like Godzilla could be an ally against the threats from space that Deverich had unleashed.

2002: The End of the World

Ota and Ken resided at the AMF base in Antarctica where they formulated a plan to hijack the New Mechagodzilla and use it and the Dimension Tide miniaturized Black Hole weapon to eliminate Godzilla, and two monsters from space that Deverich had summoned, King Ghidorah and Gigan. He knocked out the pilot intended to take Mechagodzilla into the final battle, and sneaked aboard with help from Ken. During the fight, Ken was attacked by Gigan, but was saved by Godzilla by aiming one of Ghidorah's heads at it. Ken returned the favor by blasting Ghidorah away from him. They then worked together to put them in line of the Dimension Tide, which successfully engulfed them. Vowing that he would not allow Godzilla to escape again, Ken tackled Godzilla into range of the black hole. In the struggle, Godzilla ripped open Mechagodzilla's cockpit, allowing him to see Ken inside. He prepared to attack, but they were both absorbed by the black hole.



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