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Captain Li Xiang
Captain Li Xiang in Godzilla Final Wars
Species Human
Nationality Chinese
Affiliation Earth Defense Force
Occupation Captain of the Karyu
First appearance Godzilla Final Wars
Played by Ko Takasugi
Karyu crewman: “Captain, it's the Anguirus, sir!
Captain Li Xiang: “What!?
― A crewman on the Karyu alerts Li Xiang of Anguirus' impending attack (Godzilla Final Wars)

Captain Li Xiang (李翔 (リーシャン)大佐,   Rī Shan Taisa) is the captain of the Karyu in the 2004 Godzilla film, Godzilla Final Wars.


Millennium era

Godzilla Final Wars

Following the monster Anguirus' sudden appearance in Shanghai, Li Xiang pursued the monster in Karyu. The captain ordered the crew to bombard Anguirus with MA-PM020 missiles, though they showed little effect. They then attempted to blast him with the ship's Blade Maser, only to be outmaneuvered. Flying after the rolling monster, Xiang believed it to be cornered. However, Anguirus suddenly disappeared in a beam of light, projected from a small UFO in the sky.

Revealed to be the work of the Xiliens, the malicious aliens again unleashed their monsters on the world. Now aided by countless of the aliens' fighters, Anguirus was faced by Xiang once more. Overwhelmed by the buffeting of fire, the crew were caught off guard by a direct blow from Anguirus. Too much for the ship's defenses to handle, Karyu crashed into the Oriental Pearl Tower, presumably killing all onboard.


  • In the version of the film used for the premiere and Sony's DVD and Blu-ray releases, Xiang's dialogue is in Mandarin Chinese. But for the Japanese theatrical and home video releases, Ko Takasugi dubbed his character's dialogue into Japanese.


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