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Captain Douglas Gordon
Douglas Gordon in Godzilla Final Wars
Species Human
Nationality American
Age 40[1]
Occupation Gotengo captain
First appearance Godzilla Final Wars
Played by Don Frye
Listen, kid, there's two things you don't know about the Earth. One is me, and the other is... Godzilla.

— Captain Gordon to the Controller of Planet X (Godzilla Final Wars)

Douglas Gordon (ダグラス・ゴードン,   Dagurasu Gōdon) is the captain of the Gotengo in the 2004 Godzilla film Godzilla Final Wars. He is portrayed by UFC Hall of Famer Don Frye.


Millennium era

Godzilla Final Wars

While serving aboard the Gotengo, the ship was downed while hunting Godzilla. However, after a freak earthquake destabilized the ground, Gordon received the command to fire missiles into a mountain so as to seal Godzilla beneath the Antarctic ice in what would become known as Area G.

Years later, while captaining the Gotengo off the coast of Normandy, Gordon lead a mission against the monster Manda, who had coiled itself around the ship. Despite the crew's insistence that they were too deep, Gordon had them hold their course toward a volcanic vent at the bottom of the sea, where the temperature inside rose up to ninety degrees above normal. Despite the damage to the ship, Gordon had the crew press on, dangerously close to the lava, which forced Manda to detach. As they surfaced, they discovered that Manda was still pursuing them, and Gordon had the ship turn around to face the beast head on. He ordered Shinichi Ozaki to fire the Maser Cannon, which froze the beast, and allowed the Gotengo to shatter its fragile body. However, the celebration was short, as they were immediately contacted by the director of G-Force, who threatened Gordon with a court-marshal. Gordon shrugged her attacks off, and ordered the Gotengo to return to base. Sometime after this, he was Court Masrshalled and arrested for striking a superior officer in the court.

He was later retrieved by Ozaki, who revealed to him that a race of aliens known as Xiliens had taken over M Organization, and together they organized an operation to expose them using Miyuki Otonashi as bait. The Op was successful, and the Xilien corpses revealed their true forms, which Gordon lifted and dropped in the middle of an interview with two Xilien leaders and the Xilien replacement of UN Secretary General Daigo. The aliens were at a loss for words, and Gordon shot Daigo, whose face split open to reveal the Xilien inside on live TV. The Controller of Planet X shot the Xilien Commander, and declared a hostile takeover of the planet. Unfazed, Gordon called for the Mutants to challenge them, but with a flick of his hand, the Controller incapacitated every Mutant in the room. The Xiliens disappeared, and the only other officer bade Gordon to leave while he took on the Mutants, and told Gordon to save the Earth. They managed to escape, but were attacked by a mutant, and Ozaki left to pursue him on a motorbike. The team then went to the Gotengo's underground dock, where Gordon formulated a plan to release Godzilla from Area G to fight off the invasion. They were followed by Gigan, though his presence aided in releasing Godzilla, who quickly blew his head off. Godzilla began to approach the Gotengo, and Gordon believed he thought that their battle from years earlier was still going on, and he lead the monster around the world. They soon then began their assault on the Mothership, but just after drilling through the hull they were captured by the Xiliens. They watched as Godzilla and Mothra fought Gigan and Monster X before the Controller awoke Ozaki's Keizer Energy and he turned on his allies. Luckily, Miyuki was able to undo his transformation with a Shobijin amulet.

They began to fight the Xiliens hand to hand before they were saved by the people who were replaced by Xiliens on Earth, and they headed for the Gotengo while Ozaki stayed behind to battle the Controller. They fought more Xiliens on the way out, and Gordon was forced to split from the group to handle their elites. They then reunited, and destroyed the mothership before Ozaki made it aboard. the Mutant then focused his Keizer Energy into the Gotengo's Maser Cannon, which he fired at Godzilla to give the beast a power boost against Keizer Ghidorah. However, Godzilla turned around and shot the Gotengo out of the sky. As they exited the rubble, Anna and her dog Candy emerged, and Douglas ran to them for a reunion.


Concept art

Godzilla Final Wars


Godzilla Final Wars


  • Similar to many non-Asian actors in the history of the Godzilla franchise, Gordon speaks no Japanese during the film, only delivering lines in his native English, although he converses with Japanese-speaking characters without trouble. Prior to Godzilla Final Wars, Don Frye spent a number of years performing in Japanese wrestling circuits after leaving the UFC, and was specifically chosen for the role of Captain Douglas Gordon due to director Ryuhei Kitamura being a fan of Frye's wrestling career.[2]


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