Charlton Hemming

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Charlton Hemming
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Species Human
Nationality American
Occupation Businessman
First appearance Kong Reborn

Charlton Hemming is the fictional aging billionaire owner of CenCo., a lucrative company with Bionimals as one of its many subsidiaries. He debuted as the main antagonist of the 2005 novel Kong Reborn by Russell Blackford.


Kong Reborn

In the late nineties, CenCo. purchased a large portion of the Helmsley corporation, which owned a great portion of the Empire State Building, and when a dried spot of Kong's blood was discovered on the building, Hemming became the rightful owner. However, Hemming had a habit of hiring disloyal "yes-men" who sold some of the blood on the black market, and Charlton suspected that some of it had ended up in the hands of his rival Jack Denham, and he began attempting to one-up the smaller company and buy them out.

In 2004, the fake-tanned billionaire was in his sixties and appeared on CNN to reveal Bionimals' successful cloning of a dwarf mammoth, but promised something much bigger in the near future. However, all attempts to clone Kong resorted in rejected embryos or congenital deformities. Bionimals' Chief Science Officer Roxanne Blaine was capable, but all attempts seemed doomed to fail as they were working with less than seventy percent of the original's DNA.

However, in March of 2006, Hemming saw an article online touting the headline Kong Reborn. After reading it, he called Blaine and told her to cancel project "Big Man", as he planned his lawsuit. In August of that year, Hemming pressed charges for nearly everything imaginable short of jaywalking. However, what Hemming really wanted was the location of Skull Island in order to exploit its new and unknown species. In December of 2008 they reached a settlement agreement: Hemming would finance the repatriation efforts for Kong in exchange for split control over his handling with Blaine. In addition to this, Hemming wanted 50% of the viable genes of species for research, and exclusive film and marketing rights for the voyage. When the time came for the voyage after Kong escaped his New York habitat shortly after the settlement, Hemming greeted Jack and the rest of the crew in California, but remained behind. Hemming then traveled to Sri Lanka, where he met with Armando Falconie, a hitman called "The Falcon". From the very beginning, Hemming had been plotting to get to Skull Island, and allowed Denham to get his hands on the blood sample as a type of "dare", that he knew would lead him to his goal. He planned for Falconie to cause an accident that would kill Denham, and every other member of the expedition if need be, in order to give him exclusive access to the island.

Having a guess at its location, Hemming bought up a technology park in preparation for a full-scale invasion, after Denham had been killed. Unfortunately, Falconie and his men were unsuccessful and were all killed on t island by giant gorillas. The team at Denham Products and the NYPD then used the mercenaries blood samples to build a case to destroy Hemming and his empire.


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