Killer Vine

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Killer Vine
Killer Vine
Species Carnivorous Plant
Enemies Kong Mark II, Humans
First appearance Kong Reborn

The Killer Vine is a carnivorous plant monster that was native to Skull Island in the 2005 novel Kong Reborn by Russell Blackford.


The term "Killer Vine" is an informal name used to describe a particular species of carnivorous plant by a 2009 Skull Island exploration team. It was used mainly by the team's leader Jack Denham.


The Killer Vine was, a long lime-green vine that grew in vast clusters all throughout the Skull Island jungles. Their long tendrils grew in wide clumps off of established trails that extended to form wall-like structures along them. They would uncurl their vines and grab passing creatures with their two-inch thorns that stuck out all along the tendrils.[1]


Kong Reborn

While walking through the jungles, Kong got too close to a patch of Killer Vine that whipped out and grabbed him. He struggled and pulled at the vines as more came out to grab him. However, due to his immense size and strength, the ape was able to break free, but the vine kept some hair and bits of flesh after he ran away. As the human team walked past the vine, they noticed the giant insect husks, old bones, and half-rotten reptile carcasses ensnared in the vines. As they continued on their way, they saw numerous other clusters of Killer Vine, but knew by then to avoid them.

Much later, a team of ex-commando assassins arrived to arrange an "accident" for Denham. Along their journey, they noticed a patch of Killer Vine, once again full of grizzly remains, that extended far back into the jungle, and he planned to use it to dispose of any incriminating evidence.


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