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A Snarehunter Queen in the Kong: Skull Island Cinematic Adventure
A Snarehunter Valkyrie in the Kong: Skull Island Cinematic Adventure
Alternate names Ants, Singing Ants, Skullcrawler*
Cantus formica,[1]
Cantus Silva Ant (Queen)[2]
Species Insect megafauna,[1]
giant insect florafauna (Queen)[2]
Length 1-3 feet,[1]
130 feet (Queen)[2]
Anthill height 10 feet[3]
Forms Builder, Forager, Guardian, Valkyrie, Queen[4]
Enemies King Kong
First appearance Kong: Skull Island Cinematic Adventure
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Hank Marlow: “Keep your eyes open. Up in the trees, too.
Houston Brooks: “Why?
Hank Marlow: “Ants. Big ones. ... There's one. Sounds like a bird, but it's a fucking ant.
Hank Marlow warning Houston Brooks and Lin San of Snarehunters (Kong: Skull Island)

Snarehunters are a predatory ant-like insect superspecies that were first alluded to in the 2017 Monsterverse film Kong: Skull Island, and later appeared in the 2023 tabletop roleplaying game Kong: Skull Island Cinematic Adventure. The Valkyries of the species are believed to transform into Titans[5] called Snarehunter Queens.[2]


The Snarehunters were first named in the Kong: Skull Island Cinematic Adventure, having only been referred to as "Ants. Big ones." by Hank Marlow in Kong: Skull Island.

The Snarehunters are also "commonly known" as Singing Ants.[1] Monarch gives them the cryptozoological classification Cantus formica,[1] a combination of the Latin words for "singing" and "ant," respectively. By contrast, Snarehunter Queens are classified as Cantus Silva Ant,[2] incorporating silva, the Latin word for "forest." The Cinematic Adventure erroneously lists the Queens' Monarch designation as "Alpha Skullcrawler," which is used for the Skull Devils.[2] It is unclear whether "Alpha Snarehunter" was intended or something else entirely, though the lack of a parenthetical in the heading of the Queen's stat block compared to the Skull Devils' (which are fully listed as "Skull Devil (Alpha Skullcrawler)") may indicate that "Snarehunter Queen" is indeed their designation.

Non-Queen Snarehunters are divided into four castes: Snarehunter Builders, Snarehunter Foragers, Snarehunter Guardians, and Snarehunter Valkyries.[6]


Snarehunter Valkyries strongly resemble ants. They have a segmented insect-like body, with six black legs and two green wings wrapped up in what resembles tree roots. Both Valkyries and the Queen have green torsos with a blue underbelly that has multiple light blue bioluminescent spots. They have two black eyes and a pair of black mandibles. They also have antennae resembling tree branches.

The Snarehunter Queen has a vastly different appearance from that of a Valkyrie. She has a much larger abdomen and mandibles, antennae with edges resembling conifer leaves and a glowing bulb on each branching tip, and a beetle-like face with white eyes.


Monarch categorizes the behavior of Snarehunter Queens as that of a "protector,"[2] similar to such Titans as Godzilla, Mothra, and Kong. Queens are rarely seen outside of their nests, only emerging if their hive is destroyed or they are faced by a significant threat.[2]



Kong: Skull Island

While in the jungles of Skull Island, after James Conrad and Mason Weaver departed to look for higher ground, Hank Marlow warned Houston Brooks and Lin San of giant ants which climb in the trees, and pointed out the sound of one.


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Tabletop games


Concept art

Kong: Skull Island Cinematic Adventure

Tabletop games

Kong: Skull Island Cinematic Adventure


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