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Book Monster
Species Giant Cockroach
Relations Godzilla (love interest)
Allies Juvenile Offspring, Godzilla
Enemies Godzilla
First appearance Godzilla Discovers America

Cokra is a giant cockroach kaiju which first appeared in Robert E. Sullivan, Jr.'s 1988 story book, Godzilla Discovers America.


Cokra's name comes from the word cockroach and -ra, a common suffix for kaiju names.


Cokra appears to be an enormous cockroach, however she possesses odd human-like facial features including a prominent nose, eyelashes, and large lips.


Godzilla Discovers America

Cokra and her numerous children were first seen raiding an apartment in New York, but soon attracted Godzilla's attention at Miami Beach. The roaches then seize an oil tanker, but Godzilla scares them off.

They reappear at Three Mile Island, and combat Godzilla for numerous hours. At the end of the long fight, Godzilla ends up victorious. Despite their initial harsh feelings, Cokra and Godzilla they then grow to love each other (such as Cokra giving Godzilla some flowers and a box of chocolates).

Cokra and her children are later seen helping Godzilla with running for U.S. Senate.


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