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Colossal Monster
The Colossal Monster in Colossal
Alternate names The Monster, Giant Monster, Colossal Giant Monster,[1] Colassy
Species Reptilian Manifestation
Height ~300 feet[2]
Place(s) of emergence Seoul, South Korea
Controlled by Gloria
Enemies Oscar, Colossal Robot
Conceived of by Nacho Vigalondo
Designed by Carlos Salgado, Pat Lau
First appearance Colossal
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The Colossal Monster is a reptilian giant monster who first appeared in the 2017 film, Colossal.


The Colossal Monster is not referred to by any particular name in the film besides "monster" or "giant monster."


The Colossal Monster is a semi-humanoid reptilian creature with thick, scaly brown skin and a tanish underbelly. It has a short stumpy tail, elephantine feet, and humanoid hands. The creature's head is adorned with a crest with smaller spikes jutting out. Its face is vaguely frog-like in appearance and is shaped in a perpetual frown, with brownish, human-like eyes and a mouth full of jagged teeth. Its arms and legs are long and skinny, with a bark-like texture and dull spikes protruding from them, with small holes in the lower wrists. The chest features multiple plank-like structures jutting out from the sides that wrap around the creature's torso to its back, which has a deep groove in it and scaly armor running from its neck to its tail.



After Gloria and a toy almost identical to the kaiju owned by her were struck by lightning, the creature appeared in Seoul, South Korea, only to be seen by a few people, who manage to snag a low-quality picture. The creature vanished as soon as it appeared. 25 years later, the creature reappears, this time leaving a wake of destruction in it's path and being caught on multiple news outlets, vanishing in a storm cloud once more. The creature begins to constantly appear every night at the same time in the city.

It is later discovered that the Colossal Monster is actually controlled by Gloria every time she steps on her hometown's playground at 8:05 (U.S. time). Upon this discovery, Gloria, alongside her friends, go to the playground, as she shows them her newfound power by making the creature dance and wave. The military then fires at the monster with helicopter missiles, only to cause a slight pain to Gloria. She responds to this by swinging her fists into the air, which the kaiju mimics perfectly. One of the punches accidentally hits one of the helicopters, making it crash on the monster's head, and causing Gloria to panic. She then quickly turns around after hearing the shocked response of her friends, falling over and making the giant creature collapse and accidentally kill more civilians. When she wakes up, Gloria finds out that a Colossal Robot (who is actually controlled by Oscar when he steps in the playground) also appeared alongside the Colossal Monster. Later, she controls the kaiju to show up once again in Seoul, only to spell out an apology on the ground: "I'm sorry, it was a mistake, it won't happen again".

After discovering the robot has reappeared, Gloria confronts a drunken Oscar in the playground, which was using his avatar to taunt the South Koreans, telling him to leave. When he refuses, she slaps him in the face, causing him to retreat. In revenge, Oscar later returns to the playground, challenging Gloria in a fight and causing the two kaiju to battle in Seoul, destroying the city in the process. The fight ends up with Oscar overpowering Gloria and making the robot go on a rampage. As her last attempt to stop him, Gloria flies to Seoul, making the Colossal Monster show up in the playground of her hometown. The creature then picks up Oscar, causing the robot to levitate in Seoul. The monster lets out a howling roar, causing him to beg for his life, and start to viciously swear at the kaiju. The Colossal Monster then throws off Oscar into the distance, killing him and causing the Colossal Robot to be launched into the sky, disappearing. With her mission accomplished, the kaiju vanishes in a puff of storm clouds, as Gloria retreats into an empty bar.



Whenever Gloria goes to the playground in her hometown at 8:05 AM, the Colossal Monster materializes via a stormcloud in a section of Seoul, South Korea. If she is present in that section of Seoul at 8:05 AM ,U.S. time, it will appear in her hometown.

Physical Abilities

Due to its large size and weight, the Colossal Monster possesses great physical strength and power.

Psychic Connection

The Colossal Monster seems to share a psychic connection with Gloria. After materializing, The Giant Monster mimics her movements precisely. She shares its pain, as demonstrated when a helicopter fired a missile at it, although conventional weapons appear to have little effect on it. Gloria eventually demonstrates incredible precision in controlling the creature, being able to pick up the Colossal Robot in Seoul as the Colossal Monster picks up Oscar in her hometown.


  • Writer-director Nacho Vigalondo cited Pulgasari as an influence on the Giant Monster's design.[3]


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