Volt Panther

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Volt Panther
A Volt Panther in Godzilla x Kong: Titan Chasers
Alternate names Stormclaw
Panthera Tempestas[1]
Species Bio-electrical feline monster
Size 3-4 feet[1][note 1]
Place(s) of emergence Siren Isles
Controlled by Cernunnos
Enemies Titan Chasers
First appearance Godzilla x Kong: Titan Chasers

The Volt Panther is a feline superspecies that appears in the 2024 Monsterverse video game Godzilla x Kong: Titan Chasers.


The Volt Panther's name references its bio-electrical nature and feline appearance. Its cryptozoological classification, Panthera Tempestas, is similarly a combination of the Latin words for "panther" and "storm" or "tempest." Panthera is also the name of the genus which includes big cats like the lion and tiger. Early in Godzilla x Kong: Titan Chasers' alpha, the Volt Panther was instead called Stormclaw.


The Volt Panther is a spotted quadruped creature resembling pantherine cats like the leopard and jaguar, but mostly blue in color.


Though the Volt Panther's diet is unknown, Monarch's records imply that it is at least partially carnivorous, as it is described as "stalk[ing] its prey" before attacking.[1] Like other superspecies on the Siren Isles, they are theorized to have emerged from the Hollow Earth upon the islands' formation. Volt Panthers can be found "anywhere" on the Sirens, though they are thought to prefer climates that allow them to charge their bio-electricity using the atmosphere.[1]


Godzilla x Kong: Titan Chasers

Volt Panthers can be encountered as enemies in the game's campaign. Volt Panther lairs can also be raided on the overworld map for resources.

Volt Panthers are known to appear in the following campaign missions:

  • Blood and Steel II
  • Blood and Steel IV
  • The Devil I
  • The Devil II
  • The Devil III
  • The Devil IV
  • The Devil V
  • A Light in the Dark III
  • A Light in the Dark IV
  • A Light in the Dark V


Physical abilities

The Volt Panther is described as canonically having "slashing" and "biting" attacks.[1] As an enemy in the game, its basic attack is Bite.

The Volt Panther also possesses a "thunderous roar",[1] which manifests in the game as its special ability, Lightning Roar. The Panther roars at its target, dealing damage and blinding them for one turn.


The Volt Panther is said to possess "zapping attacks" which may be achieved by "atmospheric charging".[1] This does not appear in the game, however.


  1. Whether this is a measurement of the creature's height or length is not specified.


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