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Image gallery for Shrewster

The Shrewster in The Twister
Species Mutated masked shrew
Enemies Godzilla, Giant Centipede
Created by Fil Barlow
Played by Animation
First appearance "The Twister"

The Shrewster (シュルースター,   Shurūsutā) is a masked shrew kaiju that first appeared in the Godzilla: The Series episode "Cash of the Titans," but chronologically debuted in the episode "The Twister."


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Godzilla: The Series

"The Twister"

During an accident at a power plant, a normal shrew was mutated into a gigantic beast encased in a tornado that it used to suck up food. The Shrewster eventually made its way to New York, where it attracted the attention of H.E.A.T., who eventually developed a device to depressurize the Shrewster's tornado. After a run-in with H.E.A.T. in Connecticut, the Shrewster attacked New York again, where H.E.A.T. activated the device and forced the Shrewster out of his tornado. Godzilla then attacked the Shrewster, but due to the Shrewster's superior speed he was quickly defeated. Dr. Niko Tatopoulos then distracted the Shrewster from the fallen Godzilla, and trapped him in some stage scaffolding. The Shrewster was then slated to be taken to Monster Island.

"Cash of the Titans"

Before it could be taken to Monster Island, the Shrewster was captured by wealthy businessman Maximilian Spiel and forced to fight in his monster arena. The Shrewster was pitted against a Giant Centipede, and emerged victorious.



The Shrewster's primary form of transportation, defense, and attack (which could be done all at the same time) was a tornado that encased it. This is a result of the Shrewster having been fused with the tornado that occurred at the same time as the experiment that caused the animal to mutate to gigantic size. This tornado made the Shrewster a force to be reckoned with, allowing it to damage cities and monsters alike and providing a form of protection from weapons such as Godzilla's atomic breath.

Claws and teeth

The Shrewster was able to pierce Godzilla's skin simply by using its claws. The Shrewster used its teeth to grab onto opponents, and this method was capable of bringing even Godzilla to the ground.


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