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A Warbat prepares to attack Kong
Alternate names Nozuki[1] [2], War bat,[2] Baraka[3]
Place(s) of emergence Hollow Earth
Allies Other Warbats
Enemies King Kong, Humans
Played by CGI
First appearance Godzilla vs. Kong
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Warbats are winged snake-like monsters who appear in Legendary Pictures' 2021 film Godzilla vs. Kong. Massive predators of the Hollow Earth, they menace Kong and the Monarch-Apex Cybernetics expedition shortly after their arrival.


Nozuki was the name that was given during conceptual phase, and it was first revealed on early leaked packaging for the larger Playmates figure.[1] Walmart receipts for the figure also used the Nozuki name.[4]


Warbats resemble giant snakes or serpents, with long thin bodies and dull green skin. They possess several reddish flaps of flesh around their midsection which spiral around their bodies and connect to large wings. They have large eagle-like brows like Godzilla and large crocodilian faces with reptilian scales. The Warbats' blood is green.



Godzilla vs. Kong

No sooner had Kong and the Monarch-Apex Cybernetics expedition begun to explore the Hollow Earth than they were ambushed by a pair of Warbats. The first sank its teeth into a HEAV, destroying it instantly. It circled around for another strike, but just before it could bite the HEAV carrying Dr. Nathan Lind, Dr. Ilene Andrews, and Jia, Kong grabbed it by the tail and slammed its head into a sharp rock, killing it. He swung its corpse around to bludgeon the second Warbat. The serpent quickly recovered and constricted him, covering his face with its hood. Lind ordered his HEAV to launch a missile barrage at the Warbat. In its agony it loosened its grip on Kong, and the ape made it pay, slamming it repeatedly into the ground and pounding it to death with his fists. Ripping off its head, he spent a few moments slurping its innards as the humans watched in disgust.



Warbats are able to glide through the air.

Physical capabilities

Kong is incapacitated by Warbat

The first Warbat's fangs easily destroyed an HEAV. During its fight with Kong, the second Warbat managed to latch onto and wrap around him with its snake-like body, then attempted to suffocate him with its wings. Seeing Kong struggle to break free, Lind quickly ordered his HEAV to intervene.


The second Warbat was noticeably hurt by an HEAV's missiles, and neither creature lasted long against Kong's brute strength.


According to the description of the larger Warbat Playmates figure, the creatures have venomous wings.[5] This trait was not demonstrated in the film.



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The Warbats have a deep, raspy roar. When agitated or in pain, the Warbats can be heard making high-pitched screeches that sound similar to the screams of the Nazgul, or Ring-Wraiths, in The Lord of the Rings.


  • "Warbat" is also the name of an Arabic pastry.
  • A piece of concept art by Matt Millard shows Warbat with a stinger on its tail that crackles with electricity.
    • Other pieces of concept art show Warbat with three pairs of eyes.


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