Magnetic Monster

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Magnetic Monster
The Magnetic Terror
Alternate names Supermagnetism Monster[1]
Species Giant turtle
Height ~122 meters*
Enemies Godzilla
First appearance Godzilla episode 10,
"The Magnetic Terror"

The Magnetic Monster (超磁力怪獣,   Chōjiryoku Kaijū, lit. Supermagnetism Monster) is a size-changing turtle monster that appeared in the 1978 Godzilla episode, "The Magnetic Terror."


The Magnetic Monster is a giant turtle. Its shell, bottom, beak, and fins are a navy blue. The Magnetic Monster sports three spikes on its head. The Magnetic Monster has fins.


The Magnetic Monster rose from the ocean to feed on anything it could. It brought down a plane, but the Calico managed to save the survivor. The Magnetic Monster soon attacked an oil refinery in the Arctic and fed, but Godzilla arrived. Before the monster could be killed, however, an oil fire surrounded the Calico and threatened to destroy it. Godzilla was forced to retreat to save his friends while the Magnetic Monster disappeared to the sea.

Not long afterwards, the Magnetic Monster swallowed the mini-sub that Captain Majors and Brock were in as they tried to track the monster. It arrived on land again and this time Godzilla needed to destroy it to save his allies.

The two battled, and the Magnetic Monster began absorbing all the magnetic waves from the pole and began growing in size until it was much bigger than Godzilla, making it seem unstoppable until it reached the center of the ice pole where the magnetic forces were at their strongest. Not able to hold any more, the Magnetic Monster exploded, and the mini-sub was saved.


Magnetic waves

The Magnetic Monster can emit magnetic waves from his mouth that will draw objects toward him or repel objects away.

Size change

The Magnetic Monster can grow to gigantic sizes by absorbing magnetic waves.


The Magnetic Monster will explode if it absorbs too much magnetic energy.



  • In a Facebook comment on Wikizilla's Facebook page, Matt Frank said that Magita was about the same size as the Magnetic Monster's maximum height.[2][3]


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