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Balgaras' Orb form in Zone Fighter
Subtitle(s) Transforming Terror-Beast
(変身恐獣,   Henshin Kyōjū)
Species Mutated reptilian
Height 62 meters[1]
Weight 59,000 metric tons[1]
Forms Bipedal form, orb form
Place(s) of emergence Planet Bulgar
Controlled by Garogas
Allies Garogas, Gigan (manga adaptation)
Enemies Zone Fighter
First appearance Zone Fighter Episode 17:
Go! Fighter, Scramble!
Orb form:

Bipedal form:

Balgaras (バルガラス,   Barugarasu) is a kaiju created by Toho that appeared in episode 17 of the 1973 tokusatsu kaiju series, Zone Fighter, titled Go! Fighter, Scramble.


Balgaras resembles a Tyrannosaurus rex, with some minor alterations to its body. He has curved red dorsal plates running down his back in a similar fashion to a Stegosaurus', and he has pale spikes running down the outer sides of his legs. His skin is mostly white, but his belly is green with a red streak running down it. Similar red streaks run around his eyes, and he has red irises. Balgaras' Orb form maintains his coloring and some of his red spikes, but has an unusual, near-human face with a large nose and red eyes.


Balgaras was created by the Garogas after they placed an unknown species of reptile on the desolate Planet Bulgar. Over time, the animal mutated into Balgaras.


Zone Fighter

"Go! Fighter, Scramble!"

The Garogas had managed to abduct Smokey, the Zone Family's spaceship, with Angel and Junior still onboard, and placed it on Planet Bulgar as bait. Zone Fighter arrived on Planet Bulgar to save them, only to be ambushed by Balgaras. Zone Fighter had trouble coping with Balgaras' unusual abilities, but like with most of the other Terror-Beasts, the hero managed to overcome the kaiju. He tore off one of Balgaras' dorsal fins and jammed it into his mouth, before finishing him off with his Meteor Missile Might attack.


Physical capabilities

Balgaras was shown to be extremely quick as he got up very easily after being tackled to the ground by Zone Fighter. During the battle with Zone Fighter, Balgaras grabbed the hero by the waist a few times, in one instance swinging him around before tossing him. Balgaras also attempted a body slam during the fight, but missed, as Zone Fighter had moved out of the way. When Zone was attempting to climb on his back, Balgaras had flipped the hero over and onto the ground. All Kaiju Kaijin (First Volume) notes that Balgaras is skilled at lifting his opponents by the waist, which causes them to topple over.


Balgaras can curl up like an armadillo and turn into an orb. In this form he can fly and hover up and down, but cannot fire his toxic gas, and instead rams opponents or runs them down by rolling. Balgaras can revert back into his regular form, but loses the ability to fly or hover. When fighting Zone Fighter, he immediately rammed into the hero upon first seeing him. He then curled up again after demonstrating his bidpeal form, and attempted to run down Zone by rolling at the hero. Balgaras was also shown to levitate out of the way when Zone tried to pounce on top of him.


Balgaras can regenerate if its destroyed in its Orb form, but in the process, turns back into his bipedal form. Balgaras was able to constantly regenerate so long as his horn stayed intact. When his orb form was hit with a Meteor Proton Beam and split apart, Balgaras was able to reform his body into his bipedal form.

Miracle Death Ray

Balgaras can fire a pink explosive gas from its mouth. According to All Kaiju Kaijin (First Volume), this attack is called the Miracle Death Ray (ミラクル殺人光線 Mirakuru Satsujin Kosen).[2] This attack engulfed Zone Fighter in numerous explosions while also dazing him, causing him to fall over backwards briefly while groaning in pain.


Despite being hit with a Meteor Proton Beam, Balgaras survived it and even managed to reform. Balgaras endured numerous blows during his fight with Zone, including punches, kicks, and chops. He even took on several Meteor Punches to the face which only sped up after each blow. Balgaras however, was weakened after having his horn ripped off and shoved down his throat, and then being hit with a Meteor Kick to the head. Eventually, he was killed by two volleys of Zone Fighter's Meteor Missile Might.


Zone Fighter manga

Balgaras in the Zone Fighter manga

Balgaras appears in a manga adaptation of his debut series. Similarly to his appearance in the TV series, he is deployed by the Garogas on an icy planet and captures Smokey, engaging in battle with Zone Fighter. To assist Balgaras, the Garogas send Gigan to assist the Terror-Beast, and the two monsters team up to fight Zone.


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  • Balgaras has one of the most bizarre deaths in Zone Fighter - after he dies, sparks fly from him, and a cross rises out of the ground. Finally, a halo rises from Balgaras and travels above the cross.
  • Balgaras' orb form ability is shared with the Bacillus from Godzilla: The Series.
  • Balgaras bears a resemblance to the Return of Ultraman kaiju Arstron, only with different colors and more dorsal fins.


This is a list of references for Balgaras. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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