Tyrannosaurus rex

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Tyrannosaurus rex
A Tyrannosaurus rex in Rebirth of Mothra III
Alternate names T. rex, T-Rex, Meat-Eater,
King DinosaurK:KoSI
Species Tyrannosaurus
Height 4 meters
Length 13 meters
Weight 9.7 tons
Relations Vastatosaurus rex (Descendant)
Allies None
Enemies King Kong, Triceratops,
Cretaceous King Ghidorah
Played by Stop-motion, Toru Kawai, Puppets
First appearance Latest appearance
King Kong (1933) Terror from Beyond Beyond
The Last Dinosaur

Tyrannosaurus rex (ティラノサウルス·レックス,   Tiranosaurusu rekkusu) is an extinct species of large carnivorous dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous period, and one of the most famous dinosaurs ever.

A Tyrannosaurus rex famously appeared in the 1933 film King Kong. Another was featured as the main antagonist of the 1977 film The Last Dinosaur, and a T-Rex also appeared in the film Rebirth of Mothra III in 1998.


King Kong (1933)

Main article: Meat-Eater.
The Tyrannosaurus rex in King Kong (1933)

A Tyrannosaurus was among the prehistoric creatures living on Skull Island in 1933. As King Kong was traveling across Skull Island with his 'bride', Ann Darrow, he realized that the crew of the Venture were following him, and so he set Ann down atop a tree while he went to attack the expedition. While Kong was distracted by this, the Tyrannosaurus rex appeared from the jungle and began to menace Ann, intent on eating her. After hearing Ann's screams, Kong rushed to her aid and began fighting the T-Rex. After a long and drawn-out battle, Kong snapped the Tyrannosaurus' jaws, incapacitating it, before continuing on his way with Ann. A short time later, Jack Driscoll encountered the Tyrannosaurus, still breathing but barely alive. As he watched, the dinosaur finally died.

The King Kong Show

A Tyrannosaurus rex in The King Kong Show

The Last Dinosaur

The Tyrannosaurus rex in The Last Dinosaur

During routine drilling in the Arctic, a Polar-Borer found itself boring through the seafloor and suddenly surfacing in a lake. The Borer's crew exited the craft to search the strange area in which they had found themselves, only to be eaten by a huge Tyrannosaurus rex. The crew's sole survivor, Chuck Wade, managed to escape and tell his story to Masten Thrust, head of Thrust Industries, the company that created the Polar-Borers. Thrust, an accomplished big-game hunter, was interested in hunting and killing the Tyrannosaurus, and so organized a research party that he said would travel to the bizarre underground world where the Tyrannosaurus was seen and try to document and study it. When Thrust and his crew arrived in the prehistoric world, they quickly came upon the Tyrannosaurus in the jungle, which proceeded to chase them. Thrust fired several shots from his rifle at the Tyrannosaurus, which only seemed to enrage it. Bunta, an African tracker employed by Thrust, managed to stick a spear into the creature and draw blood, but still could not bring it down. The team escaped from the Tyrannosaurus, which then traveled to their camp and destroyed it. After destroying the camp and killing expedition member Dr. Kawamoto, the Tyrannosaurus came upon the Polar-Borer and brought it to its lair. As the Tyrannosaurus tried to bury the Polar-Borer in a cave, it was suddenly attacked by a Triceratops. The Triceratops gored the Tyrannosaurus with its horns and caused it to bleed profusely, but the Tyrannosaurus gained the upper hand and bit the Triceratops on the neck, causing it to fall on its side. The Tyrannosaurus clawed into its enemy's flesh with its feet, then delivered the killing bite to the creature.

The Tyrannosaurus later came upon a member of the Polar-Borer expedition, Francesca Banks, as well as a Primal Woman called Hazel, while they were near a lake. The Tyrannosaurus chased Francesca into a cave, but its head was too large for it to be able to reach her. Thrust, Bunta, and Chuck witnessed the Tyrannosaurus threatening Francesca, and quickly tied a huge boulder to the Tyrannosaurus' tail and tried to get it to chase after them. As the Tyrannosaurus chased the men, the boulder rolled down a hill, pulling the Tyrannosaurus off its feet and dragging it down the hill, after which it wandered off. Determined to kill the Tyrannosaurus once and for all, Thrust followed it into the jungle and constructed a makeshift catapult, which would launch a huge boulder directly at the Tyrannosaurus' head once it appeared from the jungle. Bunta attempted to search for the Tyrannosaurus in the jungle, only for it to appear behind him and eat him alive. When the Tyrannosaurus emerged from the jungle and became entangled in a vine trap, Thrust launched the boulder at the creature's head, causing it to fall over. However, the Tyrannosaurus simply rose to its feet and destroyed the catapult, then left. After Chuck repaired the Polar-Borer and left with Francesca, Thrust stayed behind with Hazel and wandered off into the jungle to continue to hunt the Tyrannosaurus, which he could hear roaring menacingly in the distance.

The Mighty Kong

The Tyrannosaurus in The Mighty Kong

After the giant ape, the Mighty Kong retreats away from the village with Ann Darrow the enormous primate pauses for a moment to inspect her after she briefly passed out. While tending to her, a Tyrannosaurus rex ambushes the ape and charges it. The two have a brief battle in which the dinosaurs headbutts the ape before toppling it with a tail smack. Trying to bite the Mighty Kong in the face, the theropod was thrown off and the two squared off once more. After the Tyrannosaurus charged its rival again, Kong ended the duel by landing a powerful blow to its head that knocked it out. The ape then recollected Ann before leaving.

Rebirth of Mothra III

The Tyrannosaurus rex in Rebirth of Mothra III

As Rainbow Mothra arrived in the Late Cretaceous period, a Tyrannosaurus rex pursued a herd of Triceratops nearby. As it bit into a straggler's neck, Cretaceous King Ghidorah seized it in his central head. Before it could be devoured, Rainbow Mothra made his presence known with a volley of Cross Heat Rainbow Lasers, causing the space monster to drop the screaming dinosaur.

After Rainbow Mothra severed part of Cretaceous King Ghidorah's tail with another Cross Heat Rainbow Laser, a Triceratops and a Tyrannosaurus observed the appendage as it burrowed underground and stared at each other in concern.

Kong: The Animated Series

A Tyrannosaurus rex in Kong: Return to the Jungle

A population of Tyrannosaurus rex lived on Kong Island. They were naturally aggressive and would often attack the Island Guardian Kong if he came too close.

Kong: King of the Apes

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A Tyrannosaurus rex Biono-bot in Kong: King of the Apes

Dr. Richard Remy created an army of Biono-bots in the form of several dinosaurs, including the Tyrannosaurus. While Remy used the Biono-bots in his attempts to establish a new world order united under his control, real Tyrannosaurus rexes lived on in the center of the earth.

Terror from Beyond Beyond

A Tyrannosaurus rex in Terror from Beyond Beyond

A Tyrannosaurus rex will appear in Terror from Beyond Beyond.

Selected filmography


King Kong

Main article: Meat-Eater.

After hopping out of the jungle, the meat-eater saw Ann Darrow in a tree while King Kong was distracted by shaking the crew of the S.S. Wanderer off of a log bridging a chasm. After Ann screamed in terror, Kong threw the log into the pit and sprang on the meat-eater. The dinosaur quickly kicked Kong off with its incredible hind leg strength, but Kong was able to circumvent this by injuring one of its legs. Kong then easily overpowered the meat-eater and pried open its jaws, leaving them broken, and the creature dead.

Merian C. Cooper's King Kong

The meat eater lurked in the darkness of the jungle as Kong busied himself with warding away the Wanderer crewmen. It moved out to attack the unattended Ann Darrow, but after she screamed at its appearance, Kong returned and attacked. The ape pummeled the meat eater's hip until it fell forward and broke its leg with a sickening snap. It then rolled over onto its back and flailed its remaining leg is defiance before Kong leaped upon the meat eater and broke its jaws before snapping its neck and leaving it to its death throes before manipulating the jaws and beating the corpse with his fists and letting out a mighty roar as he beat his chest.

Kong: King of Skull Island

After Gaw and her vicious pack of Deathrunners slaughtered a mother and father kong and left their adolescent son for dead, a meat eater and its offspring scavenging for food came upon the carcass of the father kong and began to eat it. Mistaking the meat eater as being responsible for killing his parents, the young kong attacked the dinosaur. The meat eater managed to knock the young kong into a ravine by hitting him with its tail, then it and its offspring returned to their meal.


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The roars for the Tyrannosaurus in The Last Dinosaur were produced from a combination of Godzilla and King Kong's roars from King Kong vs. Godzilla.

The Tyrannosaurus' roars in The Last Dinosaur


  • The Tyrannosaurus that King Kong battles in the original film is depicted with three fingers on each hand. This is because, at the time, it was unknown exactly how many fingers Tyrannosaurus had, and it wasn't until later it was discovered that it only possessed two digits on each hand.
    • As a tribute to the T-rex in the original King Kong, members of the fictional Vastatosaurus rex species in the 2005 remake possess three fingers as well.
  • The Tyrannosaurus rex stop motion model used in King Kong was originally created for Willis O'Brien's canceled film Creation, as was the case with many of the creatures featured in the film. The stop motion puppet was based on the famous tail-dragging skeletal mount displayed at the American Museum of Natural History, which was later reconfigured in the 1980's because it was anatomically inaccurate.[1]
  • It has been debated for many years whether or not the theropod dinosaur that King Kong fought in the 1933 film was actually a Tyrannosaurus or an Allosaurus. In the film's script and novelization, it is only referred to as a "meat-eater." Director Merian C. Cooper referred to the theropod as Allosaurus, while stop-motion animators Willis O'Brien and Marcel Delgado identified it as a Tyrannosaurus.[1] The dinosaur is also referred to as a "meat eater" in the 2005 rewrite of the novelization by Brad Strickland and Joe DeVito, while the novel's prequel and sequel Kong: King of Skull Island features another dinosaur that is referred to as a "meat eater." The description of the meat eater in this novel more closely matches that of a T-Rex, as it is said to possess two short arms with two digits on each.
  • Godzilla's appearance was loosely based on contemporary depictions of Tyrannosaurus rex, along with the characteristics of other dinosaurs like Stegosaurus and Iguanodon.
  • The Tyrannosaurus suit from The Last Dinosaur would later be recycled in the 'Dinosaur Saga' in Tsuburaya Productions series of heroes and tokusatsu productions. In Dinosaur Great War Izenborg, the suit was refitted with red glowing eyes and became Ururu, the Tyrant king, who was re-named Tyranis in Attack of the Super Monsters.The suit was later used in the series Dinosaur Warrior Koseidon, where it was used to portray various saurians. One of these saurians was dubbed Tyrannosaurus Jackie, which went about killing almost all saurians near him.
  • For the Tyrannosaurus suit in The Last Dinosaur, the suit actor's arms are placed above the head, controlling the head movement and the opening and closing of the mouth.
  • According to an interview with special effects designer Shinji Nishikawa, in the film Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah Godzilla originally was to be revealed to have been a Tyrannosaurus rex prior to being mutated by radiation. However, Godzilla was later changed to a Godzillasaurus that was mutated instead.[2]
  • In the 2005 version of King Kong, instead of a Tyrannosaurus rex, three similar dinosaurs called Vastatosaurus rex, or "V-Rex," appear. According to Peter Jackson, V-Rex is the result of Tyrannosaurus rex living isolated on Skull Island and evolving over millions of years.

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