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Botila's liberation front in "The Primordial World Below"
Leader Richard Remy
Homeworld Earth
Enemies King Kong
First appearance Latest appearance
Kong: King of the Apes
episode 1, "The Adventure Begins"
Kong: King of the Apes
episode 23, "Battle Royale"

The Biono-bots are nondescript "Biono-botic" monsters developed by Dr. Richard Remy that first appeared in the pilot episode of the 2016 animated kaiju show, Kong: King of the Apes titled "The Adventure Begins".


The term "Biono-bot" is an amalgamation of the words "bionic" and "robot", with "robot" implying that they are entirely artificial in nature, and "bionic", itself being a merging of "biology" and "electronic", referring to the study of replicating nature through engineering.


A lifelong dream of Richard Remy, he was not able to produce life-sized robotic dinosaurs until 2049 as a part of a natural history museum that his father was building on Alcatraz Island. While the most common Biono-bots appear simply as cyborg dinosaurs, or even simply armored dinosaurs, they are entirely inorganic and do not bleed when torn apart. Despite this, Remy implies that DNA is at least used if not necessary in the creation of Biono-bots, calling the very concept of what a Biono-bot is into question. Further complicating the matter, Remy considers himself a Biono-bot despite being mostly organic and receiving his bionic augmentations well before he began production of other Biono-bots. However, due to Botila's being considered a Biono-bot, and Richard's work before he created the various artificial creatures now synonymous with the term, he may use the term to refer to anything utilizing his special mix of Bionics and robotics, be they partially or entirely synthetic.


Kong: King of the Apes

The Biono-bots are Dr. Richard Remy's primary defense against King Kong, and are used for various purposes throughout the series, ranging from basic attack or defense, to mining. While most Biono-bots are fully robotic dinosaur replicas, a second generation of Biono-bots, consist of armor on organic organisims, such as the Giant Anaconda. Richard is also capable of producing "Biono-clones": cloned animals cybernetically enhanced with "Biono-tech".

Types of Biono-Bots



While the abilities of the various Biono-bots change based upon their design, most can shoot lasers from their eyes or mouths.

Shielded power source

After the events of "Snake in the Grass", Richard retrofitted all Biono-bots with an advanced shield on their power source to prevent them from shutting down upon overcharging, like had happened to the Giant Anaconda.



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