Biono-bot pterodactyl

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Biono-bot pterodactyl
Biono-bot pterodactyl
Species Biono-bots
Controlled by Richard Remy
Enemies Kong
First appearance Kong: King of the Apes
episode 1, "The Adventure Begins"
Latest appearance Kong: King of the Apes
episode 23, "Battle Royale"

The Biono-bot pterodactyl is a type of Biono-bot built in the image of the the long extinct Pterodactylus antiquus, although it far more resembles a Pteranodon. They were constructed in 2049 by Dr. Richard Remy along with the rest of the Biono-bots as attractions in the "Dino Zone" at the Remy Natural History and Marine Preserve.


Kong: King of the Apes

"The Adventure Begins"

The Biono-bot pterodactyl that was to be used as the lead in a pterodactyl airshow on the Remy Natural History and Marine Preserve's opening day, but during a demonstration, it began to menace the young Danny Quon, perched atop the head of Kong. With no override in place, Botila was unable to stop it. Kong then punched the bot out of the sky, much to the ire of Richard Remy. When King Kong escaped his habitat and ventured into the Dino Zone, three Biono-bot pterodactyls were sent in to apprehend the beast. They circled back to attack him, but he was able to grab one and use its wing to slice through the remaining two. After escaping the park and making it out onto the Golden Gate bridge, Richard sent another Pterodactyl to fight Kong, but it was also defeated and dropped into San Francisco bay. At a military warehouse late one night, Botila pulled off a heist with the help of two goons named Brag and Wheeler. However, when Kong came to intervene, three pterodactyls were summoned to stop him. He leapt up and grabbed one, which hovered in the air a moment despite supporting Kong's immense weight before he threw it to the ground, and pinned another beneath his feet.

"Snake in the Grass"

Three pterodactyls, one being ridden by Botila were sent to Northern Mexico to capture a Giant Anaconda that was swimming up the Usumacinta river. When Kong arrived to stop them, the two unmanned robots began to circle him as he dangled beneath a rescue helicopter and began to shoot him with their laser eyes until Lukas Remy restrained one's wings with a laser net, causing it to fall out of the sky. Kong then dropped from the vehicle, pinning a Biono-bot beneath his feet and crushing it under his weight when they hit the ground. Botila, riding the final pterodactyl had all the while been approaching their target, which began its attack. After firing its eye lasers, Kong deflected the blasts back directly into the pterodactyl, causing Botila to temporarily retreat. However, one of Richard's poacher lackeys arrived riding another one, with a second poacher on a Biono-bot Tyrannosaurus. Kong tried to stomp the pterodactyl after leaping into the air, but it evaded his crushing weight before circling around and ramming him hard, distracting him long enough for the tyrannosaur to make its move. The two briefly trapped the beast, but he broke free of them and began smashing the theropod robot on the ground. the poacher on the pterodactyl swooped over to pick up his compatriot, and then used its laser eyes to light the jungle on fire, trapping Kong and his companions before grabbing the snapping anaconda and flying away.


Laser beam

The Biono-bot pterodactyls can shoot lasers from their eyes and mouths.

Sharp claws

The claws of the Biono-bot pterodactyl are sharp enough to cut hair on contact, and they are seen scratching Kong and cutting off bits of his fur.


Biono-bot pterodactyls have demonstrated incredible strength. One has been shown to be capable of staying airborne while supporting the immense weight of Kong.

Mountable chassis

The Biono-bot pterodactyl can split its crest in two to provide access to a set of handles hidden inside to allow a person to ride on its back. When being ridden, a control console on the back of its neck allows it to be controlled more precisely.


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