Giant Anaconda

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Giant Anaconda
Giant Anaconda in Kong: King of the Apes
Giant Anaconda after her Biono-bot conversion in Kong: King of the Apes
Species Snake Biono-bot
Forms Biono-bot, Organic
Controlled by Richard Remy
Allies King Kong
Enemies King Kong
First appearance Kong: King of the Apes Episode 2: "Snake in the Grass"

The Giant Anaconda is a giant cybernetically-enhanced snake kaiju that first appeared in episode 2 of the 2016 animated kaiju Netflix show Kong: King of the Apes titled "Snake in the Grass".


By the year 2050, the Amazon rainforest of Brazil was almost completely depleted, which forced the wildlife that had lived there to flee. The Giant Anaconda floated north along the Usumacincta River until she ended up in Mexico. After being captured by Richard Remy, the Giant Anaconda was subjected to cybernetic conversion which gave her the Biono-bot classification, along with armor and new electrical abilities.


Kong: King of the Apes

"Snake in the Grass"

The Giant Anaconda originally lived in the Amazon rainforest, but she was driven north into Mexico due to deforestation. While swimming up the Usumacincta River, the Giant Anaconda came across a little girl named Francisca, whom she tried to eat, but was only able to swallow her holophone, the tracking signal from which brought Botila and three Biono-bot pterodactyls after her in an attempt to capture her, and Kong who wanted to rescue the girl. Botila chased her, flying on a Biono-bot, and she snapped at it until Kong appeared on the riverbank. She hissed at the new foe, but retreated when he engaged the robot. She later returned and surfaced from the river, only to be fought over once again by Kong and a Biono-bot Tyrannosaurus that the ape quickly knocked into the river, allowing the anaconda to lunge at its rider. The robot escaped unharmed, and as it fought with Kong, the anaconda tried to flee once more up the river. It was quickly approached once more by the pterodactyl. It rose from the water and snapped at the beast, but it was grabbed and air lifted out of the river and was taken to Dr. Richard Remy's laboratory. There she received biono-botic implants, and was placed entirely under Richard's control. His first action using her was to torment Botila. Shortly after the surgery was complete, Kong and the others arrived to liberate her. Richard sent her slithering into battle, crackling with a new electricity-based weapon. She immediately began to constrict Kong, electrocuting him as she did, and bit down on his head. Kong fought back, but did not want to hurt her, allowing her to continue to constrict and shock him. However, when Danny Quon removed their helicopter's battery and gave it to Kong, he shoved it into the anaconda's mouth, making her swallow it and short out her implants. Lukas and Jonesy then got her back to their base, where Dr. Amy Quon was able to remove her implants, and even get the holophone out. Remy and Jones then prepared to release her back into the wild where Richard would be unable to find her.



With its Biono-bot armor, the Giant Anaconda can send an electric shock through its body and into its prey.

Super-forged titanium armor

With Remy's biono-botic upgrades, the Giant Anaconda was outfitted with experimental super-forged titanium armor.


As a part of her anaconda physiology, the Giant Anaconda constricts her prey in order to kill it before consumption.


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  • The model used for the Giant Anaconda was later repurposed for 41 Entertainment's 2017 animated childrens' Netflix show Tarzan and Jane with a new green re-texture.


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