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Marugarappa in Manga Boys Special Edition: Gamera
First appearance Manga Boys Special Edition: Gamera
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Marugarappa (マルガラッパ) is a human sized kaiju which first appeared in the manga Manga Boys Special Edition: Gamera.


Marugarappa is based on the unmade kaiju, Marukobukarappa, as well as Futakobukarappa.

His name contains "garappa" which means kappa in southern Kyushu,[1] corresponding with Marugarappa's kappa-esque appearance.


Manga Boys Special Edition: Gamera

Marugarappa is presumably a friendly creature, as he offered to fight against Gyaos for humanity.


Human speech

He is capable of human speech.

Headless life

Marugarappa could survive having his head severed.


  • Marugarappa in the manga is presumably a young male due to using boku (僕), a first-person pronoun used mostly by boys in Japanese.


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