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Marukobukarappa in Gamera vs. Garasharp
Alternate names Marukomukarappa
Subtitle(s) Illusive Unused Monster
(幻のNG怪獣,   Maboroshi no Enu Jī Kaijū)
Species Giant Calappa japonica
Planned for Gamera vs. Viras
Gamera vs. Garasharp
Concept history MarukobukarappaViras, Garasharp

Marukobukarappa (マルコブカラッパ) is a kaiju scrapped from the 1968 Gamera film Gamera vs. Viras and again from the 1991 short film Gamera vs. Garasharp.


Marukobukarappa's name is likely derived from Calappa capellonis, a species of crustacean which is called Marukobukarappa in Japanese.[1][2]

The "karappa" portion of Marukobukarappa's name is also derived from Yamatokarappa (ヤマトカラッパ), the Japanese name of the crab species Calappa japonica.[3]

The "marukobu" portion may be a combination of the Japanese words maru (丸), meaning "circle" or "round," and kobu (瘤), meaning "bump." An article on Gamera vs. Garasharp published in a 1991 issue of Weekly Playboy magazine erroneously referred to Marukobukarappa as Marukomukarappa (マルコムカラッパ).[4]


Marukobukarappa is a very strange-looking kaiju, with its mushroom-shaped, orange body, bumps on its head, its very long, thin arms, bulky legs, its chicken-like beak, and its two popped-out eyeballs. Its bulbous, bumpy surface on its body makes it partly resemble the Matango.


Concept art

Gamera vs. Viras





  • Although Marukobukarappa never officially appeared in a movie, merchandise does exist for him, notably in the form of multiple action figures and Gashapon figurines. He is one of two scrapped monsters to receive merchandise in this fashion, the other being Nezura.
  • Futakobukarappa and Marugarappa, two monsters who appear in Manga Boys Special Edition: Gamera, are presumably based on Marukobukarappa.


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