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Planned 2015
Written by Bob Bendetson, Art Everet
To be
directed by
Bob Bendetson

Oldzilla, also known as Monster League, is a unmade computer-animated comedy monster film by Original Force that would have been directed and written by Bob Bendetson, and produced by Penney Finkelman Cox, based on a script by Bendetson and Art Everet. It was announced with 2 other films when Chinese VFX company Original Force launched an animation subdivision, but conflicts with Toho shut down the project.


In 2015, Chinese VFX production studio Original Force launched an animation subdivision stationed in Los Angeles and hired several veteran animators with the goal of producing 1 film every 18 months. 3 films were announced with the subdivision, those being Duck Duck Goose, Where The Mountain Meets The Moon, and Oldzilla, with Bob Bendetson of Simpsons fame to work on it[1]. A few storyboards were made, but the film got into contention with Toho[2], resulting in the termination of the project.

Plot synopsis

King Saurus, the self-proclaimed ‘Lord of the Stomp’, is unwilling to admit Father Time is nipping at his heels. He wears a scale toupee and spends his days watching newsreel footage of his past destruction. Finally, he leaves his cave and moves into Fading Fast (a senior community in the Bermuda Triangle built exclusively for the ‘vintage’ Chinese monster). The place is run by Miss Petfarkin, a monster who’s obsessed with order and rules. King Saurus is stunned by the listlessness of his fellow behemoths and attempts to liven things up. He ultimately convinces Icarose and Birdy, an old married monster couple, to travel with him to Atlantic City to interrupt the grand opening of Rump Mart, the mega-store of mega-stores. This one last attempt at terrorizing ends up biting these senior citizen behemoths in the butt when Ronald Rump, the tyrannical owner of Rump Mart, brings in King Saurus’ old nemesis, the elderly Chinese monster hunter, Dai Anu. Anu, along with his daughter and granddaughter, arrives in America in order to battle and finally defeat the Lord of the Stomp.

— Official plot synopsis.[3]


Monsters and characters

  • Saurus
  • Miss Petfarkin
  • Icarose
  • Birdy
  • Ronald Rump
  • Dai Anu
  • Dai Anu's daughter
  • Dai Anu's granddaughter

Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • Small robot
  • Big robot



  • Ronald Rump is a parody of former U.S. President, Donald Trump.
  • The concept art piece with Saurus watching news footage of his past destruction shows a promotional image of the 1954 Godzilla biting a train.
  • Of the 3 films Original Force announced, the only film that would see release was Duck Duck Goose.

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