Giant Salamander

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Giant Salamander
Giant Salamander
Alternate names Large Salamander
Species Salamander
Planned for Orochi, the Eight-Headed Dragon

The Giant Salamander (大サンショウウオ,   Daisanshō̄o, lit. Large Salamander) is an unmade salamander kaiju from the 1994 Toho film, Orochi, the Eight-Headed Dragon.


A handful of designs were drawn by Shinji Nishikawa and have been featured in his 2016 art book: one version features a beast heavily inspired by the real-life Japanese giant salamander (Andrias japonicus) and a secondary variation incorporating elements from the Axolotl, the endangered Mexican Salamander. Nishikawa's designs also hinted that the proposed creature was to be operated by two-or-more suit actors.


Orochi, the Eight-Headed Dragon

Originally, when Oto Tachibana was introduced, she was going to fight the aquatic Giant Salamander and defeat it. The Salamander was removed because two aquatic monsters appearing in the same film (Kaishin Muba and Giant Salamander) was felt to be redundant, according to Shinji Nishikawa.[1]


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