God's Godzilla

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God's Godzilla
God's Godzilla proposal cover
Alternate titles God's Godjilla
Planned 1979[1][2]
Concept history U.S.-Japan Collaboration: Godzilla
A Space GodzillaGod's GodzillaGodzilla Legend: The Asuka FortressKing of Monsters: Resurrection of GodzillaResurrection of Godzilla (1980)Resurrection of Godzilla (1983)
The Return of Godzilla

God's Godzilla (God's Godzilla 神々のゴジラ,   Gozzu Gojira Kamigami no Gojira) is a discarded 1979 Godzilla film proposal, authored by Yoshio Aramaki.[1][2]


God's Godzilla was authored by Yoshio Aramaki and submitted in 1979 as one of many proposals to revive the Godzilla series. Aramaki suggested artist Tadanori Yokoo as a possible director for the film in his proposal.[1][2] The film went unproduced for unspecified reasons, with The Return of Godzilla ultimately created instead, kicking off the Heisei era of films.


In the midst of World War III in 198X, the gods of our world, in actuality consciousness-based alien lifeforms, arrive on Earth in a spaceship from outside of the Milky Way Galaxy. The creatures fly to the Nazca Lines of Peru in which a dinosaur-shaped figure was newly discovered: Godzilla. The spaceship lets out a series of flashing lights, reviving the creature as a malevolent god of destruction. As the United Nations scrambles to prepare countermeasures against Godzilla, the gods send down a humanoid identifying himself as Jesus, who is both manipulating the monster and afflicting humanity with nightmares and hallucinations. The gods destroy the Earth's Van Allen radiation belts and send the world's cities into disarray using their spaceship, as Godzilla destroys coastal cities with tsunamis. An image of humanity's future is projected upon the skies above Giza, Egypt, depicting their horrifically mutated descendants. "Behold, your future!!," Jesus' voice booms, standing atop a pyramid. Godzilla crouches like a sphinx as Jesus ascends a stairway of light toward the heavens.[1][2]



Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • Gods
    • Jesus
  • Alien spaceship

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