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Advance poster created for the film
Alternate titles Nessie: The Loch Ness Monster
Planned 1976-1979
Intended release Summer 1977, December 1978, Summer 1980
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Nessie (ネッシー,   Nesshī) is an unmade Toho and Hammer film that was in development from 1976 to 1979.


The Loch Ness Monster appears in the Pacific Ocean, where it begins attacking and sinking ships.


Nessie was a Toho co-production with the British film studio, Hammer, famous for their horror films from the 1950's onward. The film was first proposed back in 1976, but it was continually delayed to 1978. While Toho included the film in their 1978 lineup and even released an advance poster, the film was scrapped by 1979, around the time Hammer was experiencing financial difficulties.

According to the poster, the film would have been directed by Bryan Forbes, with Teruyoshi Nakano as special effects director and David Frost, Euan Lloyd, Michael Carreras, and Tomoyuki Tanaka as producers. Columbia Pictures and David Paradine Productions were also involved in producing the film. A 250-page script for the film had even been completed before it was cancelled.



  • It has been long rumored that a Loch Ness Monster prop created for this film was later reused by Teruyoshi Nakano as the Dragon for the film Princess from the Moon in 1987. However, Nessie was cancelled almost a decade before Princess from the Moon was released, and no mention of a prop being reused for the film is made in any official books.

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